Motion sickness? Keep Chuckies on hand!

The first time we suffer from motion sickness is generally unexpected and therefore we are generally unprepared. I’ve learned my lesson!

Our family had a long car trip around 2 years ago, where even though we travelled prepared (with Chuckies in the glove box) I didn’t expect that 4 out of the 5 in the car would become sick. We used up all of our Chuckies in a very short period of time.

I often became car sick as a child. It would become worse on particularly winding roads. I was also affected on buses and boats. I’m fine now – or so I thought…Two years ago our family of five left for a long car trip, while I, in the passenger seat had a bit of a headache. Towards the end of the trip I woke up to find Google Maps had assisted my husband to find the windiest road in Australia for us to complete our journey (yes, he got a bit lost). I was ill very soon afterwards, followed by each of our 3 children. How organised with the Chuckies I thought! Soon, they were running low and I found myself clutching a few quite full bags.

Fortunately the Chuckies have an easy twist to close top, which keeps them both leak and smell proof. Without further detail, I am very happy with the quality of Chuckies and they have always done their job when needed!

Since then the team at Chuckies have added a moist towelette, ideal for quick and easy clean ups. And as they are water-tight, they can also be used for toilet emergencies, if needed, by little folk who cant hold on when out and about (not designed for this though).

I suggest when ordering your Chuckies you get some for home, some for the car and some for your suitcase. You never know when you are going to need them!

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A Quick Guide to Kids Carry-On Luggage

Finding the right kids luggage or suitcase is a fun challenge and driven by many factors such as the age of your child, where you’re heading and for how long.  There are hard cover bags, soft cover bags, 2 wheels, 4 wheels, no wheels, shoulder straps and even handle bars!

So to help with deciding what’s the best child luggage for your family, we’ve prepared the first of our kids luggage product guides – the “Kids Carry-On Luggage Size Comparison chart”

A Quick Guide to Kids Carry-On Luggage

See the complete Little Gulliver child carry-on luggage range here

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The Little Gulliver team

Flying 24hours with a Toddler

Chantelle said: February 21st 2011 9:39 AM

It will be our first time taking our 14 month on a plane to USA. Any tips for the such long flight would be a great help?

Donna @ Little Gulliver said: February 22nd 2011 1:02 PM

Hi Chantelle,

How lovely! At 14 months the little ones can be so different, some are up and about, on solids, breastfeeding or bottle. Travel tips can also depend a little on whether you’re travelling alone or with your partner. Other things can make a difference, such as whether you’re travelling on a holiday or visiting family (who may be able to have some goodies available for you on arrival). So, I’m giving a few general tips which I’ve found useful…
family luggage airportI’m guessing though that you are travelling with your partner, as you said ‘our first time’. This can make it easier, as that extra pair of hands is handy for a break for yourself, or even if your child needs a cuddle just as your meal arrives. On the other hand travelling alone with a toddler is ideal, as they really just want to be with you and its a great reason to enjoy some time together while you’re catered on!

You may have already looked at our shop by age category and flying with babies article. It may be worth a look if you haven’t, even though you’ve moved into the toddler years. Also, think about whether you may prefer a bassinet on board and consider booking one if you can. Think about whether booking a bassinet means your seat won’t recline and if that is OK with you. (In most aircraft the row of seats where the bassinets are don’t recline). It will also depend on the weight of your child, you may find you’re past the bassinet range on your airline.

Seating-wise, some parents opt to book a seat for their child, even if they don’t need to for the under 2’s. Alternatively you may also find yourself with a spare seat, which will allow you some extra room to spread out. At 14 months your child may be around 10 kilos, in which case the CARES harness is also an option (recommended for use with children weighing between 10-20 kilos). Much like a carseat does in a car, the CARES is attached to the aircraft seat and provides upper torso support. Some parents like it as it is more difficult to wriggle out of than the aircraft seat belts!

You may like to think about the layout of the plane – is there a particular location you may like, such as closer or further from the toilets etc. is a helpful resource for that as it shows the layouts of the aircraft. I generally like to sit on the aisle, as it is easier to get in and out with the little ones.

I have always found a Baby Carrier (like a Baby Bjorn or Infantino) for boarding and disembarking the

yummi go
Portable baby chair

plane really handy, depending on how big your toddler is now. Your child may be up and about already and too heavy! I also love the smart nappy bag which can be worn as a satchel or as a back pack – perfect for when you have baby in a carrier on the front! It’s really handy when travelling. Check out for other handy baby travel items such as disposable bibs (very popular) and (new to the market) disposable change mats. Consider a breastfeeding blanket, portable baby chair and perhaps a Pea Pod travel bed or a zoobie (plush toy, pillow and blanket in one).

Some people mention medicating children and problems with their ears and the like. While it is always a good idea to have some pain relief with you, just in case, I have never found this to be a problem. When I first started travelling I gave them drinks if they looked anxious on take off and landing, but now we just sing songs or look through a book (our youngest has just turned 2).

Food-wise, consider a good insulated lunch box and drink bottle. Take more snacks than you think

Spencil Lunch Box
Spencil Lunch Box

you will ever need. Then, at the appropriate time, pick one out or let them choose one only. I find mine always pick the really unhealthy thing first and when travelling I think that is OK. You may be treated to some great things on the plane though. Mine couldn’t keep the smiles off their faces on the way to Cairns once, they were given the biggest ice creams they had ever seen!

Nappy-wise, go for nappy pants. If they are wet only, I find they are so much easier to get on and off as they can do it standing up. Take plenty of wipes as they’re handy for all sorts of things. I also use disposable nappy sacs for clean up, to move any sort of rubbish out of your seating area quickly and easily.

Activity-wise, take something you know your child will like and I always get something new – more interesting for both of you! Maybe try an Aquadoodle, colour wonder, play doh, chubbies (cars, planes). For some ideas on travel activities see Ten tips for keeping a toddler busy on a plane and my Top ten travel activities.

Here’s some blog’s where mums have discussed their experiences on flying long haul with a 14 month old, they cover some great topics; Long Haul trips with 14 month old, Long Distance Airplane travel with babies, Flying long haul with 14 month old and Breastfeeding tips for travel.

I’ve sprinkled a number of Little Gulliver products through here, not as an intentional plug, but we’re got so many great products on board its hard for me to give tips without recommending them!

I think the most important tip though – is to relax and enjoy the trip! I know that sounds obvious, but I know with myself I get really wrapped up with the details and it generally works out OK anyway! Having said that, it doesn’t hurt to expect some discomfort – either a plane will be delayed or you get a headache or something…it is surprising how much more prepared for things you can be if you’ve considered it beforehand. And since you’ve emailed us, you’re obviously thinking about it, so are likely to be very organised!

Have a great time and let us know how you go.