"Chuckies" Travel Sickness Bags

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Chuckie’s® Travel Sick Bags are ideal for unexpected illness when travelling and at home.

They're specially designed to contain fluid with a lockable seal. Handy and compact 3 pack.

  • Discreet and easy to dispose, Chuckie’s® travel sick bags are ideal for motion sickness. With a lockable seal, Chuckie’s® vomit bags provides a hygienic solution to the effects of nausea, migraines, gastro, morning sickness and the side-effects of chemotherapy
  • Chuckie’s® Travel Sickness Bags offer all the superior qualities of the hospital-grade Embag® vomit bag in a convenient, easy to manage 3-pack
  • Can capture other things other than vomit! Chuckie’s® vomit bags can also be used to capture urine, making them ideal for patients and travellers of all ages, who experience those stressful ‘I can’t hold on’ moments.
  • These 3 packs are perfect for carry-on luggage and a must for every medicine cabinet.