Magic Pen Books, Yes or No?

Magic Pen Books, Yes or No? Yes. Definitely yes!

What could be better than a handheld activity, which is mess free, can be personalised to your child’s interests and keeps them busy for hours? Welcome to our Play category and sub-categories of Draw and Colour or Stickers and Magnets. Here you will find a number of different ‘magic pen’ style books, you’re sure to find one to suit your holiday.

We’re very proud of our extensive range of mess free activities, here’s a closer look;

Colour Wonder

Mess free colouring on the special colour wonder paper. The markers only work on the color wonder paper provided; it cannot mark other paper, walls or clothes! Colour in the pictures and don’t forget to make your own masterpieces on the back too.

They kind of remind me of how highlighter pens work on normal paper, it has a bright florescent feel. My tip for younger kids or if travelling with a few kids would be to buy a pack of the individual sheets (some are in a bound book), that way you can take a few on board. Put the rest in your luggage for the return trip or hotel room. I generally only take a selection of the pens also, and leave some in the pack in case they get lost. A pencil case is great here, to keep kiddy things together and maybe a zip lock bag.

Colour Wonder is more unique, as it comes with a selection of different coloured markers, each revealing their own colour (kind of like normal textas). Whereas all of the other varieties of “magic pen” books (described below) come with one marker only which reveals a surprise colour or activity.

Magic Pen Painting

Use the Magic Pen to produce a rainbow of colours. Just choose a theme the child likes, and they’ll be able to colour in the beautiful scenes outlined on the pages. The booklets have tear out pages, which can be coloured separately or in the book.

When travelling, I generally let them choose a scene or two at a time and save the rest for later. Depending on the child or the age, I generally also hold onto the lid of the pen (though they do last well uncovered if they do go astray)! They are a great little travel size too.

Check individual descriptions, but they are generally 3+

Water Wow

Reveal bright colours, patterns, and hidden surprises with just WATER! Just fill the enclosed water pen dispenser with water, and “paint” with the water…It is the ultimate in clean colouring and both the pen and paper is re-usable. It is a book of 4 doodle boards to colour and 4 play and learn game pages, with seek and find activities. The papers special coating dries in 90 seconds, so you can colour it again and again.

There is a wide variety of characters available to suit boys and girls of different ages…Dora the Explorer, Disney Princess, Spiderman…hours of fun to keep kids occupied on planes, trains and rainy days. They also make a great gift! It is a great alternative to the popular Aquadoodle Travel n Doodle, which, sadly is no longer being manufactured.

These sell out quickly (we try and keep a variety in stock), so check back regularly for your favourites. Also, check individual descriptions for details and age ranges. The Spiderman pictured is recommended for 3+

Invisible Ink and Sticker Book

The Invisible Ink with stickers is fun, as you can match up pictures with stickers as part of a puzzle. For instance in ‘Bugs’, we can colour in the picnic basket and then colour the ants, while filling in the “I am an ….” (ant is the answer)!

The Lets look at Bugs pictured is 5+. We also stock a range of Disney-themed Invisible Ink Sticker books which are generally for ages 3+.

Surprise Ink

If you love Super Hero’s, then you’ll be happy with the Spiderman Suprize Ink currently in stock. This 5+ book comes with magic marker and a variety of games, pictures and activities. Watch images magically appear as you colour and keep busy with activities such as “help Spiderman get through the maze” and games such as “Venom Vengeance.” Great for older kids (or younger may suit if an adult is happy to assist in explaining the object of the game).

Color Blast

The color blast comes with its own mess free rainbow marker and 24 page picture games book.

Currently, we have the ever popular ‘Littlest Pet Shop, Magic Picture Search’ in stock. Fun activities such as “colour the squares in this order” and look for a hidden picture on every page. The Littlest Pet Shop pictured is recommended for ages 4+

** I have done my best to describe all the items we currently have in stock. We are selling out and adding more items regularly – so check individual items on our website for general descriptions and recommended ages, as they may vary to the above. And, as always – please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. We are always happy to help!**

We hope you’ve enjoyed discovering just why our ‘Magic Pen’ style books are a holiday favourite. Don’t forget to check our Play / Draw and colour and Play / Stickers and magnets range for these and lots more ideas!

Great for travel – Fisher-Price Doodle Pro

Keep handy by attaching to a backpack or belt
Keep handy by attaching to a backpack or belt

I put a lot of thought into taking our first flight with our first child. I was concerned about safety…if we have car seats in cars then what do we do in planes? I found the CARES Harness and our business Little Gulliver, was born.

Very soon afterwards, our baby grew into a toddler and siblings came along. The next travelling dilemma developed – how do we keep someone who never sits down (or stops talking) occupied during long trips? How will I manage? The result – Little Gulliver now has a well stocked ‘Play’ range with products from Magic Pen, magnets, sticker books and even kids headphones! All tested and popular with our 3 children now aged 3, 4 & 5.


A great, all round favourite travel toy that works across different personalities and age groups is the Doodle Pro. We stock a ‘travel’ size and carabiner ‘clip on’ size Doodle Pro. Being Fisher-Price, its built tough and has top quality drawing capacity. If you’ve ever used a different brand you will notice the difference immediately – tough casing, sturdy pen and clear writing surface. Its built to last!

Kids love the Doodle Pro for independent play, but parents can become involved when you want (or need!) to occupy the child with some fun games together. You can find them here in our Play/Draw and Colour Category.

Favourite games for families to play on your Doodle Pro Clip On are things like;

  • ages 2-3; draw a car and add the wheels, draw heads and fill in the faces and scribbling (fill in the whole cover and wipe clean)
  • ages 3-4; draw planes, houses and trees, letters and numbers
  • 4+; practise your name, Dots and Boxes (how to play here). And you can’t go past Noughts and Crosses. The possibilities are endless!

Here’s some feedback;

“Little kids love this! It’s just like drawing without the mess of the paper and pencils. It’s easy to wipe out and start all over again. It’s Fisher Price so you know it’s good quality.”

“great idea no paper no mess …this toy is a good investment”

“Less messy than crayons or paint but allows same type of creative ideas.”

And when you get home? You could keep the doodle pro clip on in your luggage so its ready to head off next time OR keep it in the pocket in your car. Doodle Pros love driving too!

Visit today to see our range of travel gear for kids. We’re always happy to help.

5 ways to light up your holiday

Whenever we’re travelling with our kids we tend to end up in the dark! Something about holidays makes you tend to relax, stay out a bit later and venture into theme parks and places with ‘dark’ spots. That’s why we’ve introduced so many great ways to light up your kids, your belongings, their belongings and even your accommodation during your next holiday.

Here’s some suggestions from our ‘Light it up‘ category;

Glow Stick Bracelets 5 pack

1. Glow Bracelets;

Our kids had to best time lighting up their triple bunk, on a recent holiday, with their glow bracelets. Our eldest (proud top bunk occupant) was very impressed that it meant he could easily navigate the steps in the dark if he had to go to the toilet. The connectors mean they are easy to join together to make a bigger glow necklace or join onto backpacks and strollers (or bunk steps)! etc.



Glow Light with Carabiner
Glow Light with Carabiner

2. Smart Glow Light;

We’ve also introduced glow lights with handy carabineer clips. The clips can be used on your own gear and also attach neatly to our 3-in-1 Lanyard. Effectively you can light up anything you like!

The picture shows them in blue, but they also come in pink, red and green. They come in a pack of 1 and have an extra long life of 8 – 10 hours.


BOING Magic Light Ball


BOING Magic Light Balls;

If you find yourself at concerts and amusement parks and the kids want to buy every flashy, sparkly souvenir there is, then the Magic Boing Light may be for you. What I love about it is the batteries are replaceable (though it comes with some to start you off). It has its own lanyard and you simply squeeze to change the colours.

Wear it, drape it, play with it and light up those dim spots!


Swivel Night Light

 4. Swivel Night Light;

And for apartments and motels the handy night light is a must-pack for us. Little Gulliver range 2 different styles. This one is directional, meaning you can swivel it to face any direction you like. Face it away from sleeping children or towards a midnight nappy change.

You never know where a power point is going to be located and this night light lets you limit or increase the light a little, based on where its located. You can turn the direction of the light to face toward or away from the kids if you like. And it has an auto sensor!

5. Auto Sensor LED Night Light;

We like smart things! This light also switches on when its dark and off when its light.

Its a good, small size LED which gives plenty of light to a child or parent in an unfamiliar night environment. We always travel with this night light. It is always handy somewhere – a hallway (navigate the way to a bathroom) or light up an unfamilar bedroom.



Venturing through aquariums and museums – you can be in broad day light and all is well. Then, the next display is in the pitch dark, just as the baby cries in the stroller and the toddler runs…where is everyone? We hope you enjoy our ‘Light it up’ range. More to come soon.

Go Go Kidz TravelMate

Its been redesigned and re-badged for our local market…welcome Aussie Kidz Travel Mate!

Anyone who has ever travelled with kids has had to consider – will I need the car seat? At Little Gulliver, we’ve been asked about the Go Go Kidz TravelMate many times over the years and we are thrilled that the product is now available in Australia. Redesigned and approved for Australian / New Zealand carseats and renamed the ‘Aussie Kidz Travel Mate’, its the same quality and style of product that has been popular in the US and Europe for many years.

When travelling, either being picked up from your destination or hiring a car you will need a car seat for your child. The Aussie Kidz Travel Mate makes your car seat easy to transport and acts as a travel stroller to boot!

And you can accessorise it…the handle pouch makes the Aussie Kidz Travel Mate even more convenient, its attaches easily with velcro and had 3 large compartments to store anything from spare nappies to spare change. It also fits on most extendable luggage handles.

Previously, buying a Go Go Kidz TravelMate meant buying a product from overseas, which was designed to fit overseas car seats. A US mum, after moving to QLD, loved her Go Go Kidz so much she bought the license and had the product redesigned to fit our car seats. Thanks Abby!

Kids love them…

Mum and Dads love them too! Check out this this testimonial, from the Go Go Babyz Website;

“I recently purchased 2 of your gogobabyz travelmates for a trip we took to San Diego from Chicago.  I have two sons, 3 years old and 9 months old.  We hemmed and hawed over whether or not to lug the car seats with us on the trip or to rent them from the car rental place.  I had seen your product in a few different catalogs and thought, why not give it a shot.  The cost of checking the car seats or renting them from Hertz for the week was pretty close to the cost of the actual travelmate plus I could use it over and over again so it would be less expensive in the long run.  I found the travelmate very easy to use (although I did struggle with unlatching it at the first couple of time but I got better at it).   I used them to tote both of them through the airport and then unlatched my 3 year olds car seat to put it on the plane and checked the other one at the gate.  During the trip it was a space saver because we didn’t have to bring a stroller and when we went to the zoo and other places we just attached the car seats again and away we went!  I wanted to tell you how much I loved this product!  I got so many complements and inquiries from people throughout our trip that I wouldn’t be surprised if you get a rush of orders coming in!!  Thank you so much for inventing such a great product!!” 

Wendy Cimino, Chicago, IL, USA

Please contact us at Little Gulliver for any information about this great product.

Best Toddler Bed for Travel

Julie-Anne said: March 2 2012 10:03 AM

Good morning,
I hope this email finds you well. I have a very tall 2 and half year boy and we often try and get away for weekends.I have searched everywhere and I am desperately need some advice on a bed that is off the ground but still has sides to stop them rolling off that I can buy in Australia or get shipped here. Can you please help direct me. Thank you

Donna @ Travel Toddler said: March 6 2011 11:03 AM

Hi Julie-Anne,

thank you for your email.

I’ve been thinking about your query and after some investigation cannot think of a bed which comes with the features you’ve mentioned ie – some are off the ground but have no bed rails and others have bed rails but are not off the ground. I guess this is what you have also found! At Little Gulliver, we’ve put together a range of the best travel bed options for different age groups, so you may like to take a look at our Resting category.

Here’s a couple of our options which may suit you;

Off the ground Have a look at our Regalo Child Bed. It doesn’t have sides but does sort of ‘hug’ the child a little. It folds up to be quite compact and is 18cm off the ground. The video I’ve included shows how easy it is to set up. (It was popular over Christmas, when so many of our customers were heading off camping and caravanning. We also had an excited Nana grab one for the grand-kids coming to visit)!  See my extra info below, talking about bed rails for travel, which may be of interest also.

Sides to stop them rolling off The other thing to consider is the Ready Bed.

The 2+ (Winnie the Pooh) version has side bolsters to prevent the child from rolling out and also has a built-in headboard.

At 2 1/2 and tall, your son may be around a metre tall? So, size wise, this may be a good fit – the bed size is approx: 135cms L x 71cms W x 32cms H.

For other info I’ll include a post I did previously, in case you haven’t seen it; Bed Rails for Travel. It is looking at various options of bed rails which may be easy to use on the road. Don’t forget to scroll down for the comments on the post. I wonder whether the Magic Bumpers or Dream Tubes may be helpful if teamed with a Regalo?

I hope this information helps and please let me know what you decide. Travel beds and bedding is something we all wonder about, so we love to hear what works for different families!

Kind regards,


No, sorry 'Come Cry With Me', I don't get it

I’ve been away with my 3 kids and didn’t see this article in The Age; Come Cry With Me. Thanks to Travel with Tots  I was able to catch it on their facebook feed…it’s a great article.


While I think it’s amusing, cute, factual, well written and described what it can be like to fly with ‘kid’ (he only has 1), I’m ready for an article which DOESN’T make flying with kids out to be a complete nightmare. Sure it’s tiring and you’re never sure what is going to happen next – but that is what parenting EVEN AT HOME is all about.

The Verdict

I noticed that today there is 121 comments at the bottom of the article online. I haven’t read them….I am assuming that most of them will be single travellers describing the time they heard a child crying on a plane and it really upset them?! And what about the time that noisy child PLAYED the whole flight from Sydney to LA?! Fancy having to tolerate not only crying, but hearing another child making noise too. Give the person a medal please!

Seriously folks, taking the kids to the Supermarket can be hard. Do we really need any more articles telling people how hard it is to fly with kids? Lets see some more about how much fun it is to sit around, play with the kids, cuddle them and have people bring you food…no making beds, no washing machine, no bathing, (OK no sleep either – but there has to be some good)!

And don’t start me on the passenger who had to drink a bottle of duty free Vodka (on a return flight from London) because he had a “really stressful job”. But, he didn’t have kids with him, so…

What’s in your basket this Christmas?

Yesterday we spoke with the lovely Gail from NSW. She has used Little Gulliver to sort out some of her Christmas shopping and grabbed some other gifts along the way. Recently her family has been suffering from the flu and she admitted she “couldn’t be bothered to think about getting out to the shops”.

Gail was looking for some practical and good quality gifts and was also happy to take advantage of our *flat rate shipping (*except on some bulky items). For Gails total basket she has paid only $6.95 shipping! (Our low shipping rates are our way of passing on a little discount – to thank you for shopping with us).

Here’s Gails basket (with her kind permission) and who she bought it for. (For more information about any of the items simply click on the picture to be taken to its location in Little Gulliver);

 dreambaby stay put

Stay Put Cutlery & Bowl Set 

mothers group baby

Suction bowl, spoon and fork. Handy for travel (wont slide off the tray table) and home too!


 t_heinz disposable bibs_12pack

 Heinz Disposable Bibs – 12 pack 


Handy to keep them in the change bag – use and loose. No mess, no fuss.


besyway baby bath

Inflatable Baby Bath

work colleagues baby shower

Packs flat to use at home or on the road. A soft place for baby to splash!



Thomas & Friends Storage Mat

 friends grandson

Keep all their Thomas gear in here and he’s always ready to go. It also folds out to be a Thomas themed play mat!


   t_moki kids safe pink & yellow hpkspy-cropped-162

Moshi Kids Headphones – Pink

friends grand-daughter

Volume restricted and gorgeous. (Also in red and blue). One of our latest and most popular items this Christmas.



Baby U Disposable Change Mats

friends new baby

Another use and loose option. A clean surface for dirty bottoms where-ever they may be.



Appliqué Pirate Back Pack


Easy wipe-clean, zippered top and pouch. Adjustable straps and hanging hook. And is that Captain Jack Sparrow?

Agggrrrhhh me hearties!



Fridge to Go Lunch Box – Black 


Fridge to go has a unique flat cooling block, so no more trying to fit one in. Large carry strap, zippered sections and pouches.



Retro Baby Banz


Comfortable retro lenses, neoprene strap and storage sack. Offering style and protection for sun and snow. *price currently reduced*


   04-5054_displayed on white

Crayola Mini Travel Coloring Pages

play group friend

The travel sized folder opens up to reveal 6 Crayola washable markers on the left and a framed colouring picture on the right (80 in total). Cars, Toy Story and Disney princess available.


Thank you Gail, your order has been posted out today. It was lovely talking with you!

Just a reminder…orders received before 4pm are posted the same business day. Orders received after 4pm are posted the following business day.

For these and all of our other fabulous travel gear for kids please visit today. Phone us on 03 98246770 or email us with any questions or comments. At Little Gulliver personal service is guaranteed – we’d love to hear from you.

The Enchanted Palace Exhibition – Kensington Palace

A visit to Kensington Palace is often a must see visit when travelling to London (it was for us anyway)! I wish we were heading off shortly as I would love to see the Enchanted Palace Exhibition.

What is the Enchanted Palace Exhibition?

Shoes_01_large_2Its a unique tour through the state apartments which have been “enchanted”, following a map to reveal the stories behind seven princesses who once lived there (Including Princess Margaret and Diana, Princess of Wales). My daughter and I would love to have a wander through and admire some of the gowns displayed throughout and I guess the boys would enjoy the light show too! Entertainers around the exhibition will help you solve the clues to work out which princesses reside in each bedroom. There are also some kids craft activities, which can be fun for a bit of sit down entertainment.


Plan your visit though, due to the current renovations only the State Apartments remain open. This exhibition finishes 3rd of January. The Palace will then close its doors before its grand reopening March 26, 2012.

Good for younger children?

Note, there is stroller access, but no lifts and a lot of stairs. Under 5’s are free.

For more information Palace fashion

Bhutan with a 2 year old

Amanda said: September 5 2011 11:41 AM

BhutanMap1We would like to travel to Bhutan for 10 days in 2012 with a 2 year old – are you able to recommend any tour companies for us to do an individual/personal tour with?

Thank you

Donna @ Little Gulliver said: September 8 2011 2:06 PM

Hi Amanda,

our family would also love to go there! My husband recently saw a documentary on Bhutan and has been talking about it ever since (in fact he’s talking about it right now)!

I cannot personally recommend any tour companies, but have put a shout out on our Facebook page. I’ll let you know if any of our readers have any ideas. I’ve listed a few suggestions which you may like to look at, all of them profess to have a love for the country and a unique perspective to share;

I wondered if it may also be worthwhile contacting the Australian – Bhutan Friendship Association? They may be BhutanRobe1able to recommend someone or provide answers to any questions you might have during your planning. The website has some good information too, under “Bhutan facts”

Then there’s the Bhutan consulate in Sydney;

Consulate of Bhutan in Sydney, Australia

78 Louisa Road
New South Wales 2041

A little about Bhutan

For those of us needing a refresher, here’s some general information about Bhutan – the last Shangri-La (source);

“Bhutan is one of the most isolated and least developed nations in the world. Kingdom of Bhutan is known for its culture, architecture and archery, but in many ways, it has remained a mystery until half a century ago.
The serene country, is cradled between its neighbours China to the north and India to the south. Its lands include subtropical savannah’s to forests, to the Himalayas guarding the country’s eastern border.

Its isolation, domestic policies and decision to limit tourism have helped to protect its culture and its natural beauty. These are among the reasons it is referred to as the Last Shangri-la and the crown jewel of the Himalayas.

On the other hand, the Bhutanese call their country Druk Yul, Land of the Thunder Dragon, because of the violent snow storms.”

Thanks for your question, it seems like a magical place. I would love to hear more about how your trip goes!



Further information

Taxi regulations for kids in Australia

inside taxiPeter said: August 31 2011 5:18 PM

It seems that Australia has the toughest car seat law and requires car seats to be used even in taxis. We are planning to travel in Australia with our 4 years old during Xmas. We won’t be renting a car when we are in Sydney and Melbourne. After checking around, it seems that it was rather difficult to find a taxi with car seats and even if they provided car seats, they would start charging from their car seat depot until getting to the destination. As carrying a car seat would be quite a nuisance, I am wondering if the “RideSafer Travel Vest” ( can be used in Australia in lieu of a car seat or booster. Thanks.

Donna @ Litttle Gulliver said: September 7 2011 5:29 PM

Hi Peter,
yes, there are tough laws here and your query is one which many parents wonder about (even those that live here)! However, there are exemptions for children riding in taxi’s if a carseat is not available (therefore, legally your child would not have to ride in a car seat if you did not have one available). The exemptions include;

* a child under one is travelling in a taxi and a suitable restraint is not available, however the child must not travel in the front seat

* a child over one is travelling in a taxi, and there is no suitable restraint available and the child occupies their own seating position.

* a child is travelling in a police or emergency vehicle

* a child has a medical condition or physical disability that makes it impractical to use a child restraint, and the driver has a certificate from a doctor indicating this is the case.

Source; RACV

I have looked at the Ride Safer Vest before and think its sounds great. However, I cannot see that it is approved for use in Australia. Having said that, it may seem unlikely that a taxi driver would stop you from using it! (I have never used one and would be really interested to hear about it if you decide on getting one).

As you mentioned, a car seat would be a burden and bringing your own from overseas is unlikely to meet Australian regulations anyway. If you decided to consider a carseat you may choose to buy a cheaper car seat here and then donate it to a charity when leaving. Other alternatives could be to consider a “booster cushion” seat with a seat belt adjuster such as a Safe Fit. These would be a bit less bulky than a car seat and provide more protection than a seat belt alone. There are also reputable hiring companies, but again, when you aren’t hiring a car…

Also, have you seen the Trunki Boost A Pak? I love these (note; they aren’t approved or sold in Australia). The back pack style may suit you as they seem ideal for travel. This allows the child to be lifted up in the seat and move the seat belt away from the neck.

Since taxi’s in Australia is an area of interest to many, I’ll now include some general information below;

A note on Child restraints in Australia

All child restraints used in Australia must comply with current Australian standards – one of the main features of which is the use of a rear strap to an anchor point. Australian child restraint standards are some of the most stringent in the world and most overseas child restraints do not comply with these standards and cannot legally be used in Australia – this includes restraints from countries such as the UK and USA.

Travelling in taxis in Australia

Taxi drivers are not required to provide child restraints or booster seats.

All taxis should have the correct anchor point for fitting the restraint, but it is always advisable to call the taxi company in advance to check.

Taxi companies may be able to provide child restraints if they are given sufficient notice. A surcharge is the norm for the hire of the child seat and you will often have to pay for the taxi to collect the seat from a depot or taxi company’s headquarters. Your journey will be metered from the carseat collection point, to wherever you are picked up and then onto your final destination. Check all charges with your taxi company in advance and ensure that you book your vehicle well in advance (at least an hour).
taxi-238478__180The rules for travelling in taxis with very young children do vary from state to state within Australia. It is advisable to check with taxi companies when booking and to order a child seat in advance. Customer service desks at airports (both within Australia and internationally) should be able to assist you with booking taxis with childseats if you are not able to pre-book a taxi prior to your arrival.

Finally, Peter and family – all the best for a fabulous holiday! Sydney and Melbourne have some great attractions for families. I hope some of these ideas are useful and would love to hear what you decide. Enjoy the rest of your planning and let us know if we can help further.




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