Magic Pen Books, Yes or No?

Magic Pen Books, Yes or No? Yes. Definitely yes!

What could be better than a handheld activity, which is mess free, can be personalised to your child’s interests and keeps them busy for hours? Welcome to our Play category and sub-categories of Draw and Colour or Stickers and Magnets. Here you will find a number of different ‘magic pen’ style books, you’re sure to find one to suit your holiday.

We’re very proud of our extensive range of mess free activities, here’s a closer look;

Colour Wonder

Mess free colouring on the special colour wonder paper. The markers only work on the color wonder paper provided; it cannot mark other paper, walls or clothes! Colour in the pictures and don’t forget to make your own masterpieces on the back too.

They kind of remind me of how highlighter pens work on normal paper, it has a bright florescent feel. My tip for younger kids or if travelling with a few kids would be to buy a pack of the individual sheets (some are in a bound book), that way you can take a few on board. Put the rest in your luggage for the return trip or hotel room. I generally only take a selection of the pens also, and leave some in the pack in case they get lost. A pencil case is great here, to keep kiddy things together and maybe a zip lock bag.

Colour Wonder is more unique, as it comes with a selection of different coloured markers, each revealing their own colour (kind of like normal textas). Whereas all of the other varieties of “magic pen” books (described below) come with one marker only which reveals a surprise colour or activity.

Magic Pen Painting

Use the Magic Pen to produce a rainbow of colours. Just choose a theme the child likes, and they’ll be able to colour in the beautiful scenes outlined on the pages. The booklets have tear out pages, which can be coloured separately or in the book.

When travelling, I generally let them choose a scene or two at a time and save the rest for later. Depending on the child or the age, I generally also hold onto the lid of the pen (though they do last well uncovered if they do go astray)! They are a great little travel size too.

Check individual descriptions, but they are generally 3+

Water Wow

Reveal bright colours, patterns, and hidden surprises with just WATER! Just fill the enclosed water pen dispenser with water, and “paint” with the water…It is the ultimate in clean colouring and both the pen and paper is re-usable. It is a book of 4 doodle boards to colour and 4 play and learn game pages, with seek and find activities. The papers special coating dries in 90 seconds, so you can colour it again and again.

There is a wide variety of characters available to suit boys and girls of different ages…Dora the Explorer, Disney Princess, Spiderman…hours of fun to keep kids occupied on planes, trains and rainy days. They also make a great gift! It is a great alternative to the popular Aquadoodle Travel n Doodle, which, sadly is no longer being manufactured.

These sell out quickly (we try and keep a variety in stock), so check back regularly for your favourites. Also, check individual descriptions for details and age ranges. The Spiderman pictured is recommended for 3+

Invisible Ink and Sticker Book

The Invisible Ink with stickers is fun, as you can match up pictures with stickers as part of a puzzle. For instance in ‘Bugs’, we can colour in the picnic basket and then colour the ants, while filling in the “I am an ….” (ant is the answer)!

The Lets look at Bugs pictured is 5+. We also stock a range of Disney-themed Invisible Ink Sticker books which are generally for ages 3+.

Surprise Ink

If you love Super Hero’s, then you’ll be happy with the Spiderman Suprize Ink currently in stock. This 5+ book comes with magic marker and a variety of games, pictures and activities. Watch images magically appear as you colour and keep busy with activities such as “help Spiderman get through the maze” and games such as “Venom Vengeance.” Great for older kids (or younger may suit if an adult is happy to assist in explaining the object of the game).

Color Blast

The color blast comes with its own mess free rainbow marker and 24 page picture games book.

Currently, we have the ever popular ‘Littlest Pet Shop, Magic Picture Search’ in stock. Fun activities such as “colour the squares in this order” and look for a hidden picture on every page. The Littlest Pet Shop pictured is recommended for ages 4+

** I have done my best to describe all the items we currently have in stock. We are selling out and adding more items regularly – so check individual items on our website for general descriptions and recommended ages, as they may vary to the above. And, as always – please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. We are always happy to help!**

We hope you’ve enjoyed discovering just why our ‘Magic Pen’ style books are a holiday favourite. Don’t forget to check our Play / Draw and colour and Play / Stickers and magnets range for these and lots more ideas!

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