Motion sickness? Keep Chuckies on hand!

The first time we suffer from motion sickness is generally unexpected and therefore we are generally unprepared. I’ve learned my lesson!

Our family had a long car trip around 2 years ago, where even though we travelled prepared (with Chuckies in the glove box) I didn’t expect that 4 out of the 5 in the car would become sick. We used up all of our Chuckies in a very short period of time.

I often became car sick as a child. It would become worse on particularly winding roads. I was also affected on buses and boats. I’m fine now – or so I thought…Two years ago our family of five left for a long car trip, while I, in the passenger seat had a bit of a headache. Towards the end of the trip I woke up to find Google Maps had assisted my husband to find the windiest road in Australia for us to complete our journey (yes, he got a bit lost). I was ill very soon afterwards, followed by each of our 3 children. How organised with the Chuckies I thought! Soon, they were running low and I found myself clutching a few quite full bags.

Fortunately the Chuckies have an easy twist to close top, which keeps them both leak and smell proof. Without further detail, I am very happy with the quality of Chuckies and they have always done their job when needed!

Since then the team at Chuckies have added a moist towelette, ideal for quick and easy clean ups. And as they are water-tight, they can also be used for toilet emergencies, if needed, by little folk who cant hold on when out and about (not designed for this though).

I suggest when ordering your Chuckies you get some for home, some for the car and some for your suitcase. You never know when you are going to need them!

Available in store at Little Gulliver here.

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