What I take on the plane


I use a great nappy bag, it’s a satchel style by day and converts to a back pack – ideal when travelling with a baby. Strap your baby into an Ergo Baby, put your back-pack on and you’re set to board (and have a free hand if you have toddlers). Together, these work really well in smaller airports where boarding and disembarking may entail a number of stairs.

The gear

Our ‘baby’ is 18 months old now, so our nappy bag also has his lunch box with snacks.

  1. One back pack, comfort toy and lunch box each for 3 & 4 year old. They’ve each travelled with their own back pack from 2’ish
  2. Heinz disposable bibs for baby and Sticky fingers wipes
  3. Drink bottle each
  4. a selection of Crayola or other colouring books and large washable crayons (comes in an 8 pack so I’m covered if some get lost or roll down the plane aisle)
  5. Medibuddy

Back Packs

Our 3 and 4 year old carry their own back-packs and have been comfortable to do this from around 2+. I have read other people suggesting that kids wont carry their own backpacks and that you’ll end up carrying them yourself? I haven’t had this problem, my kids love their backpacks and insist on having them on. I’ve found it’s all about routine.

Little Beetle backpacks are strong, lightweight and include a pop top drink bottle!

We range the Little Beetle backpacks because they fit all our criteria. They are gorgeous, comfortable and have lots of zip pockets. Easy to use for the kids and even come with a pop top drink bottle. Great quality, great designs.

In the kids back packs for these short flights I have a lunch box and a comfort toy. In the lunch box I always pack a few serviettes and numerous snacks. I generally let them pick “1” thing to eat at various intervals (otherwise they will just eat everything – been there, done that).

The comfort toy is seldom used, but handy to have in case they get sleepy or distressed. My eldest son is really keen on his teddy, but I asked my daughter to choose which toy she wanted to bring. So dolly is coming too.

For these ages I generally keep the play activities in my satchel. This way I can pass them out, based on timing in the flight and moods. It’s also easier to keep track on what they have. For older kids and longer trips I would keep a checklist of the activities we have with us (to make sure we don’t leave any) and only let the child use one or 2 at a time before putting away.

This is a short trip and we will be picked up at the other end by family. For longer trips I would look at Potette Plus (ideal to ensure you always have a clean toilet and no line up), colouring / sticker books, a selection of small cars or animals and I would consider a walking harness (especially when travelling with a baby and a toddler in busy areas like airports and shopping centres).

Little Gulliver have harnesses that range from wrist straps to cuddly toys. We understand that parents and children’s needs are varied and therefore have plenty to choose from.


Lunch Boxes

Drink bottle (water), serviettes, vegemite and cheese scrolls, pre-packed sweet biscuits, banana, apple and cheese sticks. This seems like a lot of food, but if you’ve read some of my other posts you will remember I have been stuck on the tarmac and run out of food on more than 1 occasion. Now, I pack big and limit ie – “you can pick 1 thing out of the lunch box now”. This seems to work well.

I also always try and travel over a meal time. I find having lunch or tea helps to pass the time. The scrolls work well, I usually have them ready frozen in the freezer to take out the night before. Of course you can buy food on the plane, but that just seems like extra work so I don’t tend to. Maybe when they’re older.

Vacuum -packed to save space and keep them fresh and clean

Now that our youngest is much more capable I carried him easily and use a satchel style nappy bag for him. Spare nappies, travel wipes, disposable change mats, disposable bibs and a lunch box full of snacks. I also put a snack for myself in his box. I have travelled before with no food for myself and then have been busy changing a nappy when the food cart went by or trying to stop someone from having a tantrum! And have arrived hungry with a headache!

Next instalment will be more about the flight – choosing flight times, airlines, boarding and using a CARES.

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