Puzzle to Go – perfect for trains and planes!

Mudpuppy Puzzle to Go – Airplane

As a kids travel store, it is always exciting to discover a new product which fills a gap in our offering. Mudpuppy bring us some of our favourite kids travel journals, but we have recently expanded our range to include the ‘Puzzle to go – airplane’.

Such a cute puzzle, it would be perfect if the only travel it did was from the bedroom to the family room…however, it comes complete with its own drawstring bag and is destined for travel further afield!

Age 3+

Packaging Size; approx H 16 cm, W 13 cm, D 3 cm

Puzzle size; 30.5 x 23 cm


  • drawstring bag
  • 36 pieces
  • greyboard puzzle 90 % recycled, packaging 70% recycled
  • printed with non toxic inks
Mudpuppy Puzzle to Go – Airplane

It depicts a happy animals travel scene. The red aeroplane is piloted by a bird, with other furry passengers enjoying the view. Don’t forget to send the included postcard to a friend or maybe even post it home to greet you when you get back from your trip!

In stock now at Little Gulliver.

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Kids Travel Toys – Inexpensive Fun On The Run


Crayola Mini Travel Colouring Pages

Kids travel toys do not need to be expensive or even have batteries to entertain. Follow these tips to create inexpensive travel activities for your kids.

Subscribe to kids’ magazines? Hide a few issues and pack them for the trip. If your kids pick them before you, head to a bookstore and select up a few new ones for the journey. While you are there, check out the selection of coloring/activity books to give as fun surprises along the way.

Visit your local library before the trip to stock up on new reading material. The library is also a wonderful source for audio books and DVDs but be sure to test them before the trip just in case they are scratched or damaged. Traveling at night? Include a book light in your travel bag. Keep the book light hidden until it gets dark to save batteries. Be sure to store batteries in the book light turned the wrong way so they do not get drained if the light is turned on accidentally during the trip. Remember to rotate them before using!

Use maps for fun and learning on the trip. Have children mark the route from home to the final destination and estimate the trip time. City maps are used to discover fun sites and activities in the destination city. Teach kids how to use a map legend to find parks and museums in the destination city or pitstops on a road trip.

Crayola Rainbow Twistables

Create travel journals using inexpensive notebooks or templates from the internet. Include pages for directed questions such as: favorite site, favorite restaurant, and best day. Also include blank pages for coloring and drawing pictures. Journals are also great for school age kids that need to complete homework on the trip.

Search for free travel activities and games on-line. There are downloads for a wide variety of travel games and activities.

Travel toys do not need to be expensive to be fun – these tips will help you create an adventure to remember on your next trip.

Colouring books crayons, pencils, pencil cases and more are all available in our Little Gulliver Games and ActivitiesDraw and Colour, and Stickers and Magnets section. Great ideas from The Kids Travel Store with only $6.95 delivery to your door!