‘Piggy Back Rider’ gets a thumbs up

Since we introduced this product back in March, it has become one of our most popular items. Why, I wondered? Its funny looking and would anyone ever really want to cart their child around like that? Yep, the answer is YES!

Hiking with Piggy Back RiderAs soon as the Piggy Back Rider arrived in store, we tried it out for ourselves. We had a tall adult male use it with a 5, 6 and 7 year old and all was possible. We believe a large adult would comfortably undertake a big walk with a large child up to 5 (but its open to interpretation and is depending on your own size/needs/size of the child). We have a lovely customer Piggy Back Riding with their family in a charity walk (in Spain) as I write.

So what does this mean for travelling? It may mean you don’t bother with a stroller on some trips, its great for hiking, where someone may get tired legs (Theme parks?), for kids who have outgrown strollers but may need to be carried and generally where you don’t want to cart a stroller. Its also a good “upgrade” from the traditional child carriers, in that it can carry a larger child.

Details about the Piggy Back Rider;

Well, as a mum I loved my traditional child carriers and always flew with one after having our first child. Then when one sibling (and another) came along, a child carrier was the perfect way to navigate planes and airports with babies and toddlers, especially if you are a parent travelling alone. (I always used a nappy bag backpack, wore our baby on front and had one hand left for each of our 2 toddlers). Would I ever have used a Piggy Back Rider? The man of the house says absolutely yes, we would have. Bush walking would have been much easier (we could have wandered longer trails) and even the Royal Show would have been easier to navigate.

As a kids travel store, we are always looking at new products from around the globe and assessing them. Are they useful for travel, easy to pack, good quality for the price, easy to use etc? We use our own experience as parents (our kids are now 5, 7 and 8) to assess how useful something may be. At the end of the day our customers let us know – is the Piggy Back Rider popular? Yes, so we are happy to stock them! I hope you’ve learned a little more about them today.

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Author: Donna

Donna is a married mum of 3, currently living in Melbourne Australia. After growing up in the beautiful Hunter Valley, New South Wales, she moved to Newcastle - working for a large resources company. This career found her moving to Melbourne where she; travelled, fell in love and completed her Bachelor of Business. Little Gulliver was born in between her first and second child - after finding she couldn't purchase the CARES Harness in Australia. Donna's three kids were born in a space of 2.5 years, so when she's not being "mum" she loves her work, reading and travel!

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