Installing a CARES – step by step guide

The tray table behind your child’s seat is lowered while installing the CARES. After the red strap is in place the tray table can then be closed again, over the strap. Its doesn’t impede the use of the tray table at all!

Kylie said: June 28th 2010 8:37 AM


I am very interested in the CARES travel harness for my 2 yo. However it looks like the harness would effect the lowering of the tray for the passenger seated behind my daughter. Is this a possibility or has this been taken into account in the design?

Donna @ Travel Toddler said: June 28th 2010 2:42 PM

Hi Kylie,

Good question, it does look like it could effect the tray table & you’re not the first to ask! Actually, you do lower the tray table behind your child’s seat while installing, as you suggested. After the red strap is in place the tray table can then be closed again, over the strap. It actually doesn’t impede the use of the tray table at all and has been extensively tested by the manufacturer.

I’ve included a step by step installation guide below, with some photo’s. I’m hoping the photo’s make it easier to understand than my rambling!

Also, you may be interested in a previous post which shows video of how it is installed. It can be viewed here.

Step One:
Seat your child in the aeroplane seat they will occupy.
Step Two:
Lower the tray table behind your child’s seat.
Step Three:
Slide the RED LOOP of the CARES restraint over the seat back, adjust the height of the RED LOOP so it is just above your child’s shoulders and tighten it. Then close the tray table (covering the Red Loop).
Step Four:
Place the BLACK SHOULDER STRAPS over your child’s shoulders. Slide both ends of the aeroplane seat belt through the loops at the bottom.
Step Five:
Buckle the seat belt and pull it snugly across your child’s lap, as you normally would do. Then buckle the chest clip (adjust the height – so it fits comfortably over your child’s chest if necessary).

That’s it, the CARES is installed! CARES is recommended for kids in their own seat weighing between 10 – 20 kilos and up to a metre tall. It is certified for used during all phases of flight; taxiing, take off , cruising and landing.

Anything I’ve missed or any other comments are most welcome.



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