How to teach infants and toddlers to wear Baby BanZ sunglasses

This article is courtesy of Baby Banz USA. Baby Banz are available here in Australia at Little Gulliver.

How to teach infants and toddlers to wear Baby BanZ sunglasses

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Wearing Baby BanZ sunglasses, just like wearing sunscreen or fastening a seat belt, is a learned behavior. Kids learn fast, but if you don’t teach them to wear sunglasses as children, they may never learn. Here are some of our suggestions on how you can get your child to love wearing Baby BanZ sunglasses. We recommend starting your infant at 4-6 months of age so they are as used to wearing sunglasses as they are a hat, coat or socks!

1) When you first put Baby BanZ Shades on your child they should be in the sun – not indoors. Many parents try to “get the baby used to the sunglasses” inside, but due to the darkness of the lenses, this can be scary as the child’s world has just gone dim!

2) Make sure the polycarbonate lenses on the Baby BanZ sunglasses are clean. If not, clean them with a lens cleaner and soft cloth. If you don’t have lens cleaner, soap and water will do. Just don’t dry them with an abrasive paper towel.

3) Centre the Baby BanZ sunglasses so the nosepiece rests on the tiny bridge of the nose and the straps are above the ears. Adjust the neoprene strap to be just tight enough so that they don’t slip down, but not tighter. If they are too snug will not want to wear them.

4) It is normal, especially for older infants, to try to pull the Baby BanZ sunglasses off at first. But the more you put them back on and encourage them to wear them, the easier it gets. Start your child as young as possible. Remember that wearing.  Baby BanZ sunglasses for 5 minutes the first time is wonderful. It’s a new experience so build the time up gradually.

5) Set a good example by wearing your sunglasses, too! When mum/dad put on their sunnies, it’s time for baby to do so as well! You can make a game out of this by playing peek-a-boo or Simon Says as well so that baby copies your actions.

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We hope these tips will help you get your child comfortable with Baby BanZ sunglasses for babies and kids.

Baby Banz are available here at Little Gulliver.

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