Camping anyone?

Just when it seemed the cold days in Melbourne were just getting colder, here we are with some warm(er) sunny days. Its really Spring! School holidays are back again and our family are excited to be going “real” camping, that is pitching a tent. I love how the kids are excited about the things I am dreading, like sleeping bags and fishing! But I do appreciate that it is a lovely way to spend some quality time together and make some special memories. Really I do! And bring on that spaghetti on toast I say, hmmm?

Recently we headed off to Anaconda (“Australia’s largest camping and adventure superstore”) to get the kids in the mood. Wow, they loved it. They checked out some tents, discussed which would be their “bedroom” and rated some air mattresses. They also loved the accessories, mini kitchen set-ups, tables, cupboards – the works. Solar powered fridges? Did you know there are washing machines FOR CAMPING? How do people carry this stuff around? We can barely fit the kids and a suitcase in the car!

Have you heard the term glamping? That is, glamorous camping? Its a good way to start if you’re a novice or a bit iffy about taking the kids offroad. For our first effort (when the kids were younger) we chose a “wilderness retreat”, so it was kind of camping, but with toilets, showers and a kitchen! We only needed to take sleeping bags and food. It was an easy trip and very relaxing. Everyone in the family often refer to it with that wistful “we should go back there one day…” It has certainly been our favourite family trip to date.

So, although that experience will be hard to top, we’re off to spend some time with a family of other “experienced” campers. As a friend said to me (at school pick up yesterday) “camping is fun when you go with someone who has all the gear”. So that’s a good thought! Also, our youngest is 3.5 now, so night-time should be toilet-accident free and trips to the shower block a lot more bearable.

Here at Little Gulliver we’ve been busy adding some new kids travel gear, while restocking some old favourites. All of them are perfect for that camping trip or would equally at home on a First Class flight to Paris! If you love Trunki, you’ll be happy to see Tipu the Tiger is back in stock! And we’re happy to welcome his brand new friends from the Trunki Snooihead range; Dudley the Dinosaur, Pippin the Penguin, Milo the Monkey and Leeroy the Lion. In our Play category, you’ll love the latest Finding Nemo Invisible Ink,  the crafty additions we’ve made with Alex Toys, some new Usborne books and zooming around with Tonkas Chuck & Friends. Mum and Dad will love the new Moshi noise isolating headphones.

Here’s a look at some of our new kids travel gear;

As always, let us know any feedback. We’d love to hear what you think of our range or anything you would like to see us stocking.

Make the most of your trips with the kids when they are small. And if you’re going camping in particular – enjoy!

Safe Travels,
Donna, Ben and the team at Little Gulliver.

Author: Donna

Donna is a married mum of 3, currently living in Melbourne Australia. After growing up in the beautiful Hunter Valley, New South Wales, she moved to Newcastle - working for a large resources company. This career found her moving to Melbourne where she; travelled, fell in love and completed her Bachelor of Business. Little Gulliver was born in between her first and second child - after finding she couldn't purchase the CARES Harness in Australia. Donna's three kids were born in a space of 2.5 years, so when she's not being "mum" she loves her work, reading and travel!

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