Bed rails for travel?

Heide said: April 6th 2011 9:59 PM

Petronas Towers

We are travelling to KL with our 2 daughters aged 5 & 2.  Miss 2 sleeps in a normal single bed but with a bed rail.  The hotel we are staying at cannot provide a bed rail for her (we will need on on each side) and we are having trouble hiring a set.  Do you have any suggestions?  We looked a DreamTubes but they do not allow the child to be tucked in. Thanks

Donna @ Little Gulliver said: April 8th 2011 4:43 PM

Hello Heide,

Thanks for your email, I’ve been happy to have a look and make some suggestions.

Dream Tubes

You’re right, the Dream Tubes seem like the best, certainly easiest, option. We have them on the radar for Little Gulliver, as we’re expanding our ‘Resting’ category. I hadn’t considered the tucking issue though. I must say outright that I haven’t used them, but I agree, certainly from the way they look there is no option to tuck under the tubes once installed. Its a shame as it seems like an otherwise perfect solution.

I would say though, generally, that the tucking wouldn’t bother our little ones. I would only worry about it for especially cold nights and would look at a sleeping bag or sleep suit to be safe. At least you should be OK there for your KL trip though (weather wise) and hotel rooms are generally nicely temperature controlled anyway.  Just a sheet and blanket (even tucked in at the bottom) should be enough. And you could adjust with warmer or cooler pyjamas to suit.

I’ve also read a number of reviews on the Dream Tubes and people certainly seem to like them. The only negative I’ve heard about is the cost. For anyone who hasn’t seen them, they are inflatable ‘tubes’ you zip into a bed cover. This ‘You Tube’ video shows how to install them…

Magic Bumpers

These are foam bed rails. I’m uncertain if they can be purchased in Australia (but wonder whether a Clark Rubber or similar could cut out a couple to size)? They fit under the fitted sheet and mattress cover, so you may have the same problem as with the Dream Tubes, hard to tuck in. They would also take up more packing space, whereas the Dream Tubes fold up to the size of a beach towel. Take a look at the link and have a think. More on Magic Bumpers here.

Mattress only

Then, I wondered whether there would be room in your accommodation to do a little rearranging at bed time…could you potentially put the mattress on the floor? She may not like it though if her sister is in the ‘big girl bed’ and fiddling with the mattress could get a little annoying and too much work for a holiday!

Compact Travel Bed

regalo travel bedAnother thought is to consider a travel bed. They are either on or low to the ground, so worth a look. (Something like the Regalo could also be handy at home, when the inevitable sleep overs start)! I did a post about this you might like to check Little Gulliver Blog post – Compact Travel Bed.

Other thoughts

I’ve also wondered about the Toddler Coddler ‘Bedbugz’, but its looks like it may work the same as the Dream Tubes. I would also say they’d be harder to find in Australia then the Dream Tubes, as they don’t seem to have a local distributor?

Then there’s the Regalo Hide Away Bed Rail, but even if you liked them they may be too large for travel and awkward to install at your destination.


Yes, I see what you mean about the hiring problem. It seems like you can get everything except for a bed rail! Here’s an article about baby equipment hire in kuala lumpur. It does suggest one hire/retail baby shop which you may not have looked at. Another thought could be to check if you can buy an appropriate bed rail to meet you there and maybe donate it (if it’s too big to bring home) before you leave? I’ve heard of people doing that before with strollers.

And finally

We have our 2yo in a bed too. We haven’t needed the rails though as its a little junior bed, so low to the ground. We’re travelling shortly for the first time since he’s been out of the cot, so it’s been good to get me thinking about what we’ll do. With your daughter though, as she’s in a normal single bed now, she may be already used to the height of the bed off the ground. Maybe you could try her without rails and have an assortment of pillows and blankets on the ground around her just in case?

I hope this post has been of some help, I’d love to hear how you go. Enjoy the rest of your planning and let us know if we can help again!



7 thoughts on “Bed rails for travel?”

  1. Dear Donna

    Thanks for your response and posting. Had found Baby Barn and during initial contact with them late last year they seemed responsive — now can’t get them to answer a single email — is making me nervous. Will try calling them . . .

    May have to go back to the Dream Tubes and live with the fact that you cannot tuck sheets in (have seen them in action and you can’t).

    Can’t believe that we are unable to hire bedrails in KL. Have travelled many places with the kids and have had great success in reducing “baby related luggage” by hiring at the country we are staying at. Singapore in particular has a fantastic range of baby hire equipment.

    Soooooo frustrating!

    Will let you know if I have success — or not!


  2. Hi Heide,
    I also forgot to mention I put your post on the Little Gulliver Facebook page. There were a couple of comments from some of our friends you might like to check.
    Also, that’s a shame about Baby Barn, doesn’t make you feel very confident somehow?
    Look forward to seeing how you go,

  3. Hi Donna

    Thought you would be interested to know that as we approach our departure date as we still have had no success with Baby Barn we have decided to go with taking the Dream Tubes with us. Will let you know how we go.

    It may be of interest to others that a KL Baby Store called MyBBstore was extremely helpful and while they did not hire items were happy for us to pre-purchase and arrange to deliver to our hotel in time for our arrival. Probably would have gone with their offer but Bambini Pronto had the Dream Tubes on sale so it actually worked out cheaper for us to buy them here and take them with us.

    A set of double sided bed rails from myBBstore worked out to be about $80 AUS (inc delivery). See below for a link to their store.


  4. Hi Heide,
    glad it worked out. You sound super organised! Yes, I would love to hear what you think of the Dream Tubes. We’ve been planning on stocking them at Little Gulliver and I would love some “real” feedback on them!
    Have a great trip & thanks for the info.
    Kind regards,

  5. Hi Donna

    We are back from our travels.

    Dream Tubes worked well. We took one set plus the spare sheet, which while was not needed, we felt it was better to be safe than sorry. Quality of the sheet is fantastic. Very high thread count. Sides were easy to blow up (well they were for me as my husband did it but he seemed OK afterwards) . . .

    My only comment is that if one is planning to use them in hotels it may be worth checking the size of the bed. Was a little concerned when I first saw the bed as it was definitely wider than a normal single bed. Length wise the sheet fitted fine but we kind of jammed it on width wise. In hindsight I should have thought about the fact that most hotel have King Size single beds. Still it all worked out and while it would have been a bit bodgy we would have just ripped one seam and added in more material if needed. Would have used a pillow cover and the trusty travel sewing kit for this. Better that than having to go to hospital due to a child falling out of bed. Judging from the way Miss A slept (sideways, upside down etc) the Dream Tubes were a wise investment.

    After our return I heard from BabyBarn who apparently had some personal issues and had to close their doors for a while but they seem to be back on deck so could be an option for others going to KL.

    We purchased a 2nd hand stroller to take with us instead of our large, more sturdier pram and thank goodness we did that. KL had lots of steps that resulted in one of us carrying Miss A and one carrying the pram up and down flights of stairs. We also would not have been able to move about in places such as China Town etc with our bigger / wider pram — it just would not have fitted.

    Other travel info that we have noticed over the past few years and may be of use to others is that we have found that most airports in Asia do not have “airport prams” like we do in Australia — however they will allow you to check your stroller with your other luggage but keep it right up until boarding the plane. You literally leave it at the door of the plane and they load it on before takeoff.

    Also, Singapore and Bali in particular have great hire options for most equipment (prams; car seats; high chairs; cots) and I would recommend looking into that prior to taking all your own stuff. All very good quality and clean etc. One Bali place also provides services such as delivering nappies that you need to hotels for your arrival. Most places also are happy to leave a pram and / or car seat at the airport for you to use straight away.

    Hope this info is of use.


  6. I was looking at these too – but have decided to try the Go Anywhere Toddler Travel Bed for a trip to SIngapore. We’re staying with friends with kids, and I know they have a “bunk bed” that she could use, but having not seen it, I’m not feeling confident. That, and that she hasn’t slept in a bed yet!!! This way, if she rolls out, it’s barely any distance above the floor. And I’ll need this or something like it for family travel etc… want me to let you know how it goes?

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