CARES Harness on Air Pacific?

Tanya asked; Friday, 22 April 2011 8:30 PM

Hi Ben

I am looking at purchasing a CARES restraint system for use on Air Pacific and would like to confirm that it has attached to it one of the labels below. I know that it does comply with the below but am hoping that it actually has the labels attached too.

Thanks for your help

Air Pacific Header_Logo


The following is copied from Air Pacific website at Flying with Kids on Air Pacific;

“Approved Restraint systems

1. Seats that comply with Australian/New Zealand design standard AS/NZS 1745 for infant car seats which are secured in the aircraft in a manner consistent with the seat design criteria. As this standard requires a 3 point attachment, a top tether, in addition to the fastened lap belt, must be fitted.

2. Child restraint systems accepted by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the United States of America with two labels attached to the child restraint system reading as follows:

    * “This Child restraint system conforms to all applicable Federal motor vehicle safety standards”.
    * “This restraint system is certified for use in motor vehicles and Aircraft”.?c). FAA approved harness type child restraint system with a label attached to the restraint system reading as follows:

3. Child restraint system that meets the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (CMVSS) 213 or 213.1. A statement of compliance label must be affixed to the restraint system indicating compliance with CMVSS 213 or 213.1.

4. Seats accepted by the Civil Aviation Authority of the United Kingdom, guidance on CAR-TYPE SAFETY SEATS and AIRCRAFT-TYPE SAFETY SEATS acceptable for use in aircraft can be found in the CAA Air Navigation Order 2005, General Exemption, No. 598, dated 29 September 2006.

5. Seats meeting European Community requirements of ECE Regulation 44.”

Ben replied; Saturday, 23 April 2011 4:13 PM

Hello Tanya,

Thanks for visiting Little Gulliver and your CARES query.  The airlines can be quite bureaucratic so it’s always worthwhile asking!  Yes, CARES has received both USA FAA approval (the FAA approval code for CARES is 14 CFR 21.305 (d)) and local Australian CASA acceptance.  This satisfies Air Pacific’s requirements and so I’d expect you’d have no trouble.

The CARES unit has the FAA approval stitched onto it as shown in the diagram below:

FAA approval on CARES unit

 Hope this helps.  Have a great trip

Kind regards


Tanya replied; Tuesday, 26 April 2011 2:26 PM

Hi Ben

Sorry to be a pain but would you be able to confirm that the following text is actually contained on the label before I purchase the restraint? I have been talking to the airlines and they are extremely specific in what they require.

Two labels attached to the child restraint system reading as follows:

  1. “This Child restraint system conforms to all applicable Federal motor vehicle safety standards”.
  2. “This restraint system is certified for use in motor vehicles and Aircraft”.?c).

Or FAA approved harness type child restraint system with a label attached to the restraint system reading as follows:


Many thanks again for your help,

Kind regards,


Ben replied; Tuesday, 26 April 2011 5:43 PM

Hi Tanya, no problem at all.  I’ve taken a closer photo of the approval stamp on the CARES unit (see below).  I’ve also attached it if the email format is unclear.

CARES FAA approval

You will see in the middle of the approval sticker are the words complying with the second part of the Air Pacific paragraph – “FAA approved harness type child restraint system with a label attached to the restraint system reading as follows:   * FAA APPROVED IN ACCORDANCE WITH 14 CFR 21.305(d), APPROVED FOR AIRCRAFT USE ONLY”.

I’m a little confused by the Air Pacific policy paragraphs as they appear to have a formatting issue and mix up Car Seat labelling requirements with requirements for other child harnesses.   Points 1 and 2 of the Air Pacific policy are related to using Car seats (and therefore require the two labels) whereas point c) I expect should be a separate paragraph and is related to harness systems such as CARES (the only one to carry this technical approval).

I hope this provides more specific info for your discussions with Air Pacific customer service.  Happy to help with any further queries they may have.

Kind regards


A look at our gorgeous Little Luggage for Little People

Luggage for the little folk in your family is a lovely idea.  Not only is it a way to get them interested in the trip, it’s a practical and stylish way to cart their gear about!

With families heading interstate and overseas so regularly these days, a set of quality kids luggage is a useful addition.

Many high quality brands are now available and they offer plenty of inbuilt features such as wheels and handles.  A piece of luggage should be equally useful going camping at the local national park or a long haul trip to Paris!

Depending on your own needs and the age of the child, Little Gulliver has kids luggage and bags to suit everyone – from the popular Trunki to a roll along LittleLife wheelie duffle in favourite animal designs.

The main thing to consider is what your main use for the luggage will be:

  • is it carry-on or check in?
  • were you hoping to pack clothing or just activities and a change of clothes?
  • is your little one likely to be active or would they like to sit and draw?
  • if you’re flying will you be having a stopover?

Match this need with the age and size of you child and we should have just the right luggage for you.


It’s no secret the GoVinci is my favourite kids luggage. It’s a hard case, has very funky wheels and I love the fact kids can personalise it themselves – as it has a special pull out screen. Kids can put an A4 drawing, a map or brochure of where you’re going, a picture of their pet dog or maybe One Direction, Transformers or Elmo?


The manufacturer recommends them for age 3+, but I have seen some sites suggest 2+. For older kids, keep in mind the maximum height with handle extended is 65 cm.


  • For Ages 3+
  • Large wheels for a smooth and comfortable journey
  • Retractable 27 cm handle for easy carry-on
  • The front frame displays the creations of your child
  • The flat surface forms a drawing table for quiet times
  • Easy to clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth
  • 39 cm high x 27 cm wide x 15 cm deep. Stands 65 cm tall with handle extended
  • Elasticised pocket on the inside lid. Plus, there is an elastic strap and clasp in the base to keep everything secure

Not sure if you prefer the GoVinci or Skip Hop luggage? There is great information and photos here Review and Compare – Skip Hop rolling luggage and GoVinci Trolley.

Goldbug 2 in 1 Trolley and Backpack

This cute monkey is a small trolley case. The wheels and handle comes off in one price and it can be used as a small backpack. Cute for a day trip, some carry on play things or a trip to day care or kinder. Its a soft feel velour fabric and perfect for monkey lovers everywhere.

Its also one of our most affordable luggage pieces.


  • in the light coloured nose and mouth area, there is a zip pocket (large enough to hold a drink bottle or small snack etc
  • the back straps undo easily, so the wheel and handle piece can be removed to convert the unit to a backpack
  • cute banana zip pull


The original and popular Trunki!  Who doesn’t love a Trunki?  Wherever they go, airports or hotels the Trunki turns heads and makes people smile.

Trunki is the suitcase kids can ride and be pulled along by mum and dad. They are considered to be carry on luggage and also have a carry strap so they can be carried over an adults shoudler (clip on one end to pull along, clip the strap on both ends to make a carry handle. It also has short handles so it can be carried at your side).

They can fit more in than you might think.  Clothing and activities for a weekend fit easily – well suited to plane travel, toys, snacks and a change of clothes.

Also 3+, just keep in mind that your child will want to ride it – so should be at an age where they can sit on and push safely.

For more information see Trunki Suitcase Review.

Also, Kids Travel 2 did this wonderful video showing how much you can fit in a Trunki (a surprising amount)!

Skip Hop

This is a brand everyone knows and loves. Look out for the really cute designs and choose one you both love.

Great for lugging around, with a side pocket for a drink bottle and the zip compartment on the front perfect for snacks or activities. Kids do really enjoy pulling their very own luggage along, so the cute designs only make this more enticing!


  • Removable, adjustable parent handle (so parents can carry it over a shoulder)
  • For Ages 3+
  • Front zip pocket keeps favorite things in easy reach
  • Back loop keeps shoulder strap tucked away
  • Retractable 33cm handle for easy carry-on
  • Elastic mesh bottle pocket
  • Sturdy poly-canvas fabric, BPA and Phthalate Free
  • Fun matching zipper pulls
  • Dimensions with trolley: 45cm H x 31cm W x 15cm D

Baby Gizmo have done a video review of Skip Hop luggage here;

Not sure if you prefer the GoVinci or Skip Hop luggage? There is great information and photos here Review and Compare – Skip Hop rolling luggage and GoVinci Trolley.

Bobble Art



The Bobble Art cabin luggage is the latest in their range and beautifully designed.  I love the 4 wheels, making it really easy to manoeuvre for kids and parents.  This is the largest luggage in our range to fit the carry on size criteria of most airlines.

Size: 55cm tall x 35cm wide x 23cm deep (not including extendable handle). Total height with handle extended: 80cm


  • Meets official aviation luggage dimensions.
  • Heavy duty & durable.
  • Sturdy, padded carry handle.
  • Extendable handle with push button to lock in position.
  • 3 handle positions (full extension, half extension, down), so handy for growing bodies
  • Front pocket with zip closure.
  • Generously sized fully lined main compartment with 3 internal mesh pockets.
  • Main compartment zip can be locked for extra security (suitcase padlock not included).
  • 4 swivel trolley wheels.
  • Outer cover is made from extra strength luggage canvas.

 Little Life

Little Life is here!  The latest in our luggage range, Little Life is back in Australia with a new distributor and a new friend in little Gulliver.  The handle tucks away and can be zipped up and there is a sturdy carry handle

The luggage is made with high-density nylon fabric, high quality zips and a telescopic handle.  Perfect for taking on a plane, the fun designs are also ideal for those overnight trips and are sure to be a hit with little adventurers everywhere. I like that the extendable handle can be zipped away and houses a sealed name and address section.


  • Extending Handle
  • Soft Rubber Wheels
  • Easy-grip handle
  • Fun animal printsAnimal Wheelie Duffle - Turtle-open
  • ‘Stay Put’ lid offering easy access
  • Spacious 20 litre compartment
  • Internal accessory pocket
  • Complies with safety standard EN 13210-2004

Technical Specification

    • Weight: 1.4kg
    • Capacity: 20 Litres
    • Dimensions: 35 x 25 x 45 cm
    • Suitable for Age: 3+ years

This video review is great for a closer look at the Wheelie Duffel from Little Life;



We’ll be continually updating our range. Please let us know about your experiences using your kids luggage – what do you like/dislike?  What do the kids think?  What would you recommend?

This post is a review of our rolling luggage range, we also have a selection of backpacks and overnight bags. Check out our full range of luggage at Little Gulliver Bags and Backpacks today!

Kids and Adult Headphones and Earphones review

With kids now focused on technology from a young age, it is not long before we start wanting them to don a comfortable and quiet pair of headphones!

For the kids, some experience with using headphones is also handy before commencing a long car or plane trip, when movies, games and music may be readily available.   Yes, we have experienced those moments when words like  “please watch another movie kids” or “why don’t you play more angry birds?” have been uttered.  Knowing how to use a good set of headphones and ensuring comfort levels prior to the trip is a useful piece of advice.

Little Gulliver continues to add to our range of child friendly headphones and earphones.  We offer volume limited, noise isolating and full volume headphones and earphones suiting all ages (from Ages 3+) and design styles.

MOKI (formerly Moshi) Volume Limited KIDS Headphones

The Little Gulliver (test!) kids use volume limited Moki kids headphones around our home. They have also used them in the car on long trips (Melb to central NSW) using Moki Kid Safe Volume Limited Headphones - Pink & Purpleentertainment devices. At ages 4, 5& 6, the kids loved them and we do too as the headphones have withstood quite a bit of rough use!

We’ve received a small amount of feedback that because of background noise in certain cars and planes the volume restricted headphones can be a little too low, however, we’ve not personally found this to be the case.  If choosing a set of headphones specifically for plane or car travel please just bear this in mind.   We’ve been told the volume limited aspect may be affected by where you are sitting on a plane (closer to engines etc) and the type of plane.


  • a single cable down the left of the unit makes them easy to put on and off, with an ideal length of 1.2m
  • they adjust by a sliding movement on the headpiece
  • the volume restriction means that you can safely let you kids manage their entertainment without worry
  • though they are designed for kids, they would easily fit an adult
  • obviously I love these headphones and, coming in a range of bright colours, I think they are the ideal 1st headphone

MOSHI Volume Limited Headphones

Moshi Volume Limited Headphones-blackThese headphones have a different look to the kids style, but could certainly be worn by kids – the volume limited technology is the same as in the Moshi Kids headphones. The design however, is more adult-like (maybe even a little cooler!) and in the way they are adjusted on the head (with the padded headpiece adjusted by sliding a chrome adjuster up or down).

Popular with teenagers who are likely to use headphones regularly for their music and gaming interests – they are able to keep the volume at a consistently safe level.


  • padded headpiece and cups, have a great look for adults
  • single cord lessens tangles
  • while can adjust to a child, will also fit a larger adult size

MOSHI Pro Noise Isolating Earphones

These earphones give a full volume sound, while taking away noisy backgrounds. They can be used for ages 5+.

For younger kids IMoshi Pro Noise Isolating Earphones - Silver would recommend headphones above earphones, some kids seem to prefer them as they can be more comfortable than placing the buds in the ear. Check with your kids though – we gave ours a choice and 3/3 choose headphones. I thought the earphones would be easier to look after and was surprised the kids were so assertive about what they wanted!

These pro noise isolating earphones are stylishly designed. They have an alloy housing and an anodized surface, so don’t have the plastic look of many earphones on the market, being a good quality piece. The high frequency response and the soft silicone ear-buds provide superb sound reproduction, whilst reducing the influence of surrounding ambient noise.  I would say these are great quality for anyone looking to upgrade earphones for their smartphone / ipod or general travel use.  Being noise isolating, they are ideal in busy noisy background environments like planes and trains.


  • They have a 1.4m cable
  • silicone ear buds for long use comfort
  • great for everyday use, taking up little space
  • includes 3 sized silicon earpieces

MOSHI Volume Limited KIDS Earphones 
Moshi_kids_earphones_green_162Earphones can be a good option for kids who don’t like to have things pulled over their head. This set from Moshi are specially designed for kids, fitting safely in the ear and have the volume limited feature. Because they take up little space, earphones can also be a convenient option. They readily find a spot in a handbag, backpack or carry on luggage.

Our kids were given a choice of the Moshi volume limited head and ear phones and all 3 chose the headphones – so perhaps the headphones are considered more stylish/more exciting by the small folk?  Some kids love the earphones, it seems to be a very personalised decision for each of the young users!

These earphones also differ from others in that they don’t have a silicon earpiece, which is a design feature specifically for young wearers.


  • designed to be worn safely – cannot be forced into the ear canal
  • specially made for kids aged 3+
  • small, so easy to carry and have on hand
  • volume limited

Moki Poppers Headphones

Moki Popper HeadphonesThe Moki Poppers are a favourite around the office amongst young and old(er) users!

Great designs, comfy ear cups, padded headband, full volume capacity and solid construction mean our test units have been pumping out the sound for a long time now.

Excellent sound range and bass at a great everyday low price.  Huge range to choose from – Sparkles, Rockstar, Claw (!), Purple Dino, Monster Truck, Hearts, Martians and more.

There is a Pop, Pop, Popper for everyone…  Full range is here


Funkyfonic’s Headphones

Funkyfonic's Headphones_ladybugThe funkyfonic’s are a full volume headphone with cute colours  and designs.  Ideal for kids (or adults) wanting a funky look, with no need for limiting volume.  These headphones do have a cable from each earpiece  (unlike the Moki single cord design).


  • recommended for 6+ to adultFunkyfonic Headphones-Owl
  • the headpiece folds, so can be compact for travel
  • the earcup flips, therefore a parent can check noise level without removing the headphones from the child

Styles available

ladybug, skull, frog, owl

DCI Earphones

From the maker of Funkyfonic’s, the crocodile and owl options are simplyDCI Kids and Adult Earphones-Owl adorable! And certainly earphones are a compact option for travel, easily finding a home in a small space.  These are a full volume earphone.


  • comes with 2 sets for silicone tips in 2 sizes; standard for adults and small for kids 6+
  • kids will love the designs – fancy a crocodile head coming out of one ear and a tail out of the other?

Pom Pom Earphones

A cute and fluffy earphone option. The pom pom earphones come in four squishy colours are a full volume earphone. Pom Pom Earphones-Pink


  • come with 3 size silicon ear tips to fit ear sizes from ages 6, small adult and adult.
  • colours available: pink, light pink, white, purple


Moshi Neon Headphones

Great headphones for everyday use. They are full volume headphones with a stylish look. I personally think they are the best looking headphones we have!  They were popular last Christmas with customers grabbing them for tweens upwards. The colour looks great with  ipods and iphones.


  • 4+ to adult
  • easily adjustable
  • comfort and style – if you’re not looking for a volume limited feature
  • dome style holds firm, while still comfortable on the ear



We’ll be continually updating our range. Please let us know about your experiences using your headphones and earphones – what you like/dislike how is the sound for you?  Who have you bought them for?  What would you recommend?

Check out our full range of electronics at Little Gulliver Play / Electronics today!


Vapur – perfect for summer!

Part of this post has been supplied by the good people at Vapur “the official sponsors of summer!”

As we’re all aware, this Summer has been a scorcher! With temperatures reaching 45°C…the only thing that can really save you is WATER (and Slip, Slop, Slapping of course!)

Before you find yourself hiding indoors under the air-conditioner, Vapur offers a handy preparation list to make the most of your day at the beach!
Make sure you have everything in store on the ‘Vapur Beach Bag List’ to stay hydrated.Here are some must-haves for your beach bag on our ‘Vapur Beach Bag List’. Don’t worry! there is a little something for everyone in the family!

The night before, fill up and freeze an Anti-Bottle for everyone in the family. This way, you won’t be drinking warm water after an hour out in the sun! A great bottle for Mum and Dad is the Vapur Element .7 and 1L bottle. The Vapur Element range is larger in capacity, so you won’t need to refill as often. After all, it’s not always easy getting to a water station!
If you are a light packer, try the Vapur Reflex  range – the original Anti-Bottle available in fantastic, bright Summery colours with one of the colours sure to match your boardies, bag or even your bikini!
Keep the kids happy on a hot Summer’s day – make sure you pack their favourite character of the NEW Kids Quenchers! Bo, Lolli, Fuse & Splash are the perfect beach companion! Kids Quenchers have a .4L capacity. Characters are created with 3M stickers that won’t peel off in water or sand or… even in the Dishwasher!

Lastly, don’t forget sunscreen, a wide-brim hat and a lunchbox full of snacks! ? Then it’s Surfs Up!

Visiting the UK with your kids

Travel and exploration is a rewarding way for children to learn about the world and different cultures. By visiting other countries, children are exposed to different food, lifestyles, environments, languages and more, and will be better equipped to accept difference and change. Taking a family holiday is a great way for you to bond with your children and is a fun and adventurous time for everyone.

The U.K. is a great place to go because many Australians have family and friends living there. Often looked over in the excitement of going on holiday are the little, but important details of getting your travel insurance, packing the perfect games for the flight and the jet lag preparation. The flights to the U.K. are long and you have to deal with jet lag, which is uncomfortable for both you and your kids. There are a few tips you can keep in mind when traveling to the U.K. to make the trip a lot easier.


Organise and prepare for the trip as soon as possible because the longer you wait, the more expensive and stressful it becomes. Book your plane tickets, organise Budget Travel Insurance, and reserve accommodation for when you arrive. Check with the British Embassy as to whether or not you and your children require visas for your stay.

Be Ready for the Flight

young passenger sleepingIf your children have never flown before, prepare them as much as possible before the big day. Explain what they can expect to experience on the plane and reassure that it will be an exciting adventure. Tell them they will get to play games, read books and watch movies in their seat. For fussy eaters, request a childrens meal to make sure there is food that they will eat. Take lots of entertainment and their favourite toy on the plane to ensure they are happy and comfortable throughout the flight.

If you have a tablet, load it with games and movies for the time during the flight where you can use electronic devices. For the times when you can’t use electronic devices, pull out plush toys for younger kids and books for older kids. Bring a bag of wipes for those sticky fingers, cleaning off the arm rests and any unexpected messes that may occur.

Consider a Stopover

Some families find it easier to travel the long distance between Europe and Australia by having a stopover in the country where you change flights. This will break up the trip and give you the opportunity to adjust to the time changes.

Dealing With Jet lag

Jet lag is a difficult thing to handle and with overly-tired children can be even more stressful. Adjust to the new time zone as soon as possible. As soon as you land, follow a normal routine for whatever time it is. If you land in the morning, then start your day; if it is night time, then go to bed. The quicker you get into the time zone the better.


Once you have landed and settled in, go outside and explore! Take your kids to some of the U.K.’s best castles, like Framlingham Castle, Suffolk or St Mawes Castle, Cornwall. If you’re going in the summertime, take your kids to Avon Valley Country Park or Wellington Country park for a picnic and a day of outdoor exploration.

Can you safely use a seat belt buckle lock, with CARES?

Andrew asks; Tue 13/11/2012 3:10 PM

Hi Donna.

We are travelling quite a bit with our son. We bought a CARE harness from you and it’s been great. However he is starting to become more restless in his seat and has started unclipping his seatbelt. Do you have (or know of) something that we can put over the seatbelt clip to prevent him from undoing his seatbelt?


Donna replied: Tue 13/11/2012 4:55 PM

Hi Andrew,

Glad to hear the CARES is going well for you and that you are getting out and about!

Someone else has asked the same question a while back. There are products that do this, but are manufactured for car seatbelts. One is to stop the seatbelt from coming undone in the car accidentally (and resulting in the car seat becoming untethered), it’s called the
Hurphy Durphy. And the other, the Houdini Stop, is to stop kids from wiggling out of restraints such as car seats and strollers.

However, given the strict regulations on-board aircraft, I don’t believe these would be approved for flying. The CARES harness itself needs to be quick and easy to unbuckle in an emergency situation, while any additional products could hinder this.

I hope this has been of some use to you, but I’m sorry I can’t be of more help.

Kind regards,



Make your own Travel Journal

I’ve always loved a good travel journal.

It may be genetic as my Grandma travelled with a journal everywhere she went and recorded every detail. As a child, she also gave me my very own travel journal for our first big family trip. I was quite little and the family went on a wonderful camping trip to Uluru. Its lovely to read back on, apparently I was quite impressed with a box of Smarties given to me in Alice Springs (the little things)!

If you like to be a bit crafty, there are some great printable and free options online to make your own kids travel journal. Its a lovely activity to get the little ones excited about the trip and help them understand there will be times when you’re away for “quiet play time.” And that this quiet time may be during a long plane or car trip when they really don’t feel like sitting still! Voilà – time for the travel journal.

One thing about making your own journal is that you can tailor them to individual personalities and locations; post questions for them to answer or pictures for them to colour throughout. Its a great way to encourage a little creative writing or drawing practice, which can be tailor made for your trip.

Here’s some favourites;

Blue’s Travel Book

Diego’s Field Journal

Dino Dan Field Guide Scrapbook

Disney Kids Travel Journal

Dora’s Family Vacation Travel Book

Dora’s Travel Journal

Journals for Kids / Travel Journal


If all this looks like too much work (on top of the packing and organising you have to do for your trip) don’t despair, Little Gulliver has a great range of travel journals for all travellers.

Click for Little Gulliver Travel Diaries & Journals range.

Featured: Tray Kit Travel Journal

The gorgeous TrayKits can now be complimented with a matching Travel Journal. Great even on its own, the Travel Journal comes with a fold out wallet, activity Book, 40 stickers, 6 coloured pencils, a rubber, pencil sharpener and ink stamp. And don’t forget to trace your footsteps on the fold-out world map!

Pink star and blue stripe available…


Magic Pen Books, Yes or No?

Magic Pen Books, Yes or No? Yes. Definitely yes!

What could be better than a handheld activity, which is mess free, can be personalised to your child’s interests and keeps them busy for hours? Welcome to our Play category and sub-categories of Draw and Colour or Stickers and Magnets. Here you will find a number of different ‘magic pen’ style books, you’re sure to find one to suit your holiday.

We’re very proud of our extensive range of mess free activities, here’s a closer look;

Colour Wonder

Mess free colouring on the special colour wonder paper. The markers only work on the color wonder paper provided; it cannot mark other paper, walls or clothes! Colour in the pictures and don’t forget to make your own masterpieces on the back too.

They kind of remind me of how highlighter pens work on normal paper, it has a bright florescent feel. My tip for younger kids or if travelling with a few kids would be to buy a pack of the individual sheets (some are in a bound book), that way you can take a few on board. Put the rest in your luggage for the return trip or hotel room. I generally only take a selection of the pens also, and leave some in the pack in case they get lost. A pencil case is great here, to keep kiddy things together and maybe a zip lock bag.

Colour Wonder is more unique, as it comes with a selection of different coloured markers, each revealing their own colour (kind of like normal textas). Whereas all of the other varieties of “magic pen” books (described below) come with one marker only which reveals a surprise colour or activity.

Magic Pen Painting

Use the Magic Pen to produce a rainbow of colours. Just choose a theme the child likes, and they’ll be able to colour in the beautiful scenes outlined on the pages. The booklets have tear out pages, which can be coloured separately or in the book.

When travelling, I generally let them choose a scene or two at a time and save the rest for later. Depending on the child or the age, I generally also hold onto the lid of the pen (though they do last well uncovered if they do go astray)! They are a great little travel size too.

Check individual descriptions, but they are generally 3+

Water Wow

Reveal bright colours, patterns, and hidden surprises with just WATER! Just fill the enclosed water pen dispenser with water, and “paint” with the water…It is the ultimate in clean colouring and both the pen and paper is re-usable. It is a book of 4 doodle boards to colour and 4 play and learn game pages, with seek and find activities. The papers special coating dries in 90 seconds, so you can colour it again and again.

There is a wide variety of characters available to suit boys and girls of different ages…Dora the Explorer, Disney Princess, Spiderman…hours of fun to keep kids occupied on planes, trains and rainy days. They also make a great gift! It is a great alternative to the popular Aquadoodle Travel n Doodle, which, sadly is no longer being manufactured.

These sell out quickly (we try and keep a variety in stock), so check back regularly for your favourites. Also, check individual descriptions for details and age ranges. The Spiderman pictured is recommended for 3+

Invisible Ink and Sticker Book

The Invisible Ink with stickers is fun, as you can match up pictures with stickers as part of a puzzle. For instance in ‘Bugs’, we can colour in the picnic basket and then colour the ants, while filling in the “I am an ….” (ant is the answer)!

The Lets look at Bugs pictured is 5+. We also stock a range of Disney-themed Invisible Ink Sticker books which are generally for ages 3+.

Surprise Ink

If you love Super Hero’s, then you’ll be happy with the Spiderman Suprize Ink currently in stock. This 5+ book comes with magic marker and a variety of games, pictures and activities. Watch images magically appear as you colour and keep busy with activities such as “help Spiderman get through the maze” and games such as “Venom Vengeance.” Great for older kids (or younger may suit if an adult is happy to assist in explaining the object of the game).

Color Blast

The color blast comes with its own mess free rainbow marker and 24 page picture games book.

Currently, we have the ever popular ‘Littlest Pet Shop, Magic Picture Search’ in stock. Fun activities such as “colour the squares in this order” and look for a hidden picture on every page. The Littlest Pet Shop pictured is recommended for ages 4+

** I have done my best to describe all the items we currently have in stock. We are selling out and adding more items regularly – so check individual items on our website for general descriptions and recommended ages, as they may vary to the above. And, as always – please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. We are always happy to help!**

We hope you’ve enjoyed discovering just why our ‘Magic Pen’ style books are a holiday favourite. Don’t forget to check our Play / Draw and colour and Play / Stickers and magnets range for these and lots more ideas!

Great for travel – Fisher-Price Doodle Pro

Keep handy by attaching to a backpack or belt
Keep handy by attaching to a backpack or belt

I put a lot of thought into taking our first flight with our first child. I was concerned about safety…if we have car seats in cars then what do we do in planes? I found the CARES Harness and our business Little Gulliver, was born.

Very soon afterwards, our baby grew into a toddler and siblings came along. The next travelling dilemma developed – how do we keep someone who never sits down (or stops talking) occupied during long trips? How will I manage? The result – Little Gulliver now has a well stocked ‘Play’ range with products from Magic Pen, magnets, sticker books and even kids headphones! All tested and popular with our 3 children now aged 3, 4 & 5.


A great, all round favourite travel toy that works across different personalities and age groups is the Doodle Pro. We stock a ‘travel’ size and carabiner ‘clip on’ size Doodle Pro. Being Fisher-Price, its built tough and has top quality drawing capacity. If you’ve ever used a different brand you will notice the difference immediately – tough casing, sturdy pen and clear writing surface. Its built to last!

Kids love the Doodle Pro for independent play, but parents can become involved when you want (or need!) to occupy the child with some fun games together. You can find them here in our Play/Draw and Colour Category.

Favourite games for families to play on your Doodle Pro Clip On are things like;

  • ages 2-3; draw a car and add the wheels, draw heads and fill in the faces and scribbling (fill in the whole cover and wipe clean)
  • ages 3-4; draw planes, houses and trees, letters and numbers
  • 4+; practise your name, Dots and Boxes (how to play here). And you can’t go past Noughts and Crosses. The possibilities are endless!

Here’s some feedback;

“Little kids love this! It’s just like drawing without the mess of the paper and pencils. It’s easy to wipe out and start all over again. It’s Fisher Price so you know it’s good quality.”

“great idea no paper no mess …this toy is a good investment”

“Less messy than crayons or paint but allows same type of creative ideas.”

And when you get home? You could keep the doodle pro clip on in your luggage so its ready to head off next time OR keep it in the pocket in your car. Doodle Pros love driving too!

Visit today to see our range of travel gear for kids. We’re always happy to help.

Car Travel for Kids in France

Ange said: April 17 2012 11:42 PM


Just wondering if you have any info regarding safe car seats in France? Is Britax the same company as safe n sound and do Australian car seats fit into French Peugeot cars? I think I know the answers to these questions but just don’t know how to go about organizing car seats for our French trip.

Also I am planning on getting the CARES harness for my 2.5 yr old but was wondering what the safest thing would be for my 6 week old?



Donna @ Little Gulliver said: April 20 2011 2:16 PM

Hi Ange,

Hmmm, a trip to France sounds fantastic to me right now! I think you’re at the same place as me, when we first started travelling with our kids…we’re so geared up to keeping them safe at home and suddenly there is this black hole of information and the rules and regulations suddenly disappear (this is how Little Gulliver came about). It makes no sense to me and we’re fairly determined to make things easier and clearer for folks.
I’ve broken your query down into a few points, I hope you find it useful;

* any info regarding safe car seats in France?

I’m sure you’ve already read up on the basic car seat regulations in France, such as;

A child under 10 must sit in the back and “use restraint system appropriate to weight (between 9-15 kg child seat, over 15kg booster seat in conjunction with normal seat belts).” So I guess you’ll need either 2 car seats or a car seat and a booster. More about safe car seats in France later…

* is Britax the same company as safe n sound and do Australian car seats fit into French Peugeot cars

Yes, Britax is the umbrella company which manufactures the Safe n Sound range available here in Australia. But – do they fit in French cars? I wish this was so much easier for us travelling parents to navigate! I cannot say for sure, but my understanding is that while the Australian car seat would likely fit in the car, it wouldn’t be approved for use in Europe. One reason being the safety anchor bolt we use in our cars is not present in European cars. I’m also not aware if the Peugeot has the Isofix system, if it does you would need an Isofix car seat (not yet available in Australia).

Have you seen the Bubble Bum? If you are happy to use a backless booster for your older child and if they meet the requirements etc then it may be worth checking out… (we can’t sell it here because it isn’t approved for use in Australia, but it is approved in France)…

* Also I am planning on getting the CARES harness for my 2.5 yr old but was wondering what the safest thing would be for my 6 week old?

The CARES is perfect for your 2.5 yo. For your baby, there are a few options.

You could try to book an on board bassinet. You generally have to book ahead and may not be able to secure one. Also, some folks don’t like them as the seats in this area often don’t recline. If you know the make of aircraft, maybe check on Seat Guru and see if you can get any more info.

The airline (if it is Australian) will provide you with the “supplementary loop belt” you have probably used before with your toddler. There are other products available you may like to look at, such as the Baby B’Air and the Flye Baby. The Baby B’Air, while it looks like a great product, in my opinion, doesn’t provide a lot more protection than the supplementary loop belt provided here and cannot be used during take off and landing. I do agree that it is smart to have to the child restrained in case of unexpected turbulence. The Flye Baby certainly sounds popular and has recently been made available in Australia. Again, I’m iffy about this one too (again, just my opinion and this is why we don’t stock it at this stage). Note, this is not a safety device and again cannot be used during take off and landing and while the seat belt sign is lit. I can see that it may be handy if you are the only adult travelling with a number of children and a baby. I must stress here though, don’t be afraid to ask the crew for help or accept it when its offered (learnt this the hard way).
Of course, there is also the option of taking a car seat on board. This could be considered the safest option and CASA provide some good tips and info here. Again, look out for red tape and this has to be approved with your airline. If you have an Australian car seat and you are not travelling on an Australian airline, chances are your seat won’t be approved. There is no anchor point on the plane however, so the seat is attached using the seatbelt and again, you may not be able to use the seat in your vehicle in France. (Check out the Go Go Kidz TravelMate if you do consider taking your car seat with you).

I’d love to hear your thoughts and how the rest of your plans go. All the best for your planning and a great trip.


Kind regards,


Information Sources and Handy Links;