CARES harness

The CARES harness helps keep your child safe, secure and comfortable during your flight.
What is CARES?

  • An innovative belt-and-buckle restraint, which easily attaches to an aeroplane seat.
  • Fully approved, it protects your child with the equivalent level of safety to a carseat.
  • Award-winning aviation restraint designed specifically for children.
  • For kids aged 1 to 5 | 10kgs to 20kgs | up to 102cm tall
  • Certified for all phases of flight - taxiing, take off, in-air turbulence and landing.
  • Weighs only 500 grams

Why you'll love your CARES

CARES provides peace of mind while your child is safely seated, able to sleep comfortably, have room to move, lower the tray table to play on and be out of kicking range of the chair in front!

CARES helps keep your child safe, secure and comfortable during your flight.

What are customers saying?

" The CARES Harness was FANTASTIC. I got it for a weekend trip from the other side of Australia to US. It was just my 2yr old son and I and I found it fantastic. I should probably get a commission as I handed out ALL the 'spread the word' cards on our 1st flight and wrote down the info for others on our other 3 flights. I am very impressed and will be using it again. Highly recommend it. Alanna, WA, Oct 2011 "

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CARES Harness

The CARES harness is the reliable, lightweight solution for safe and easy flying with kids.

Protecting the upper torso, it acts as a car seat for aeroplanes.

For children 10-20 kgs | up to 102 cm tall | weighs only 500 grams

CARES Double Pack

Double the kids, double the fun!

Save with the CARES harness double pack. Perfect for travelling twins or friends.

Flying Toddler Pack

Our essential toddler flight starter kit.

Includes CARES harness, inflatable neck cushion, disposable bibs, ID wristbands and a multi-use walking harness.

You'll have sitting, walking, eating, resting on the plane with your child covered!