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Flying Toddler Pack

Little Gulliver
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Our essential toddler flight starter kit.

Includes CARES harness, inflatable neck cushion, disposable bibs, ID wristbands and a multi-use walking harness.

You'll have sitting, walking, eating, resting on the plane with your child covered!

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Pre and Post flight

1. A Dream Baby safety harness & reins, to keep close check on your young child while walking around
2. Little Gulliver Disposable Wristbands 10 pack with resealable bag and water resistant marker

During Flight

3. The latest in child aviation safety - the CARES child aviation restraint. Can be used during taxiing, take-off, in flight and landing
4. Heinz disposable bibs (12 pack) and
5. The Dreambaby inflatable neck cushion to make for a comfortable sleep