CARES Harness

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The CARES harness is the reliable, lightweight solution for safe and easy flying with kids.

Protecting the upper torso, it acts as a car seat for aeroplanes.

For children 10-20 kgs | up to 102 cm tall | weighs only 500 grams

CARES harness helps keep your child safe, secure and comfortable during your flight.It is an innovative belt-and-buckle restraint, which easily attaches to the aeroplane seat.Fully approved, it protects your child with the equivalent level of safety to a carseat.

Happy CARES users!

"Just wanted to say thank you for stocking a great product. As light aircraft enthusiasts we were looking for a safe product for our 18 month old so he could fly with us. CARES is the only system recommended by CASA and we were pleased to give it a go over the long weekend. It was easy to fit and worked really well. Its also great that the same product can be used for commercial airlines.
Many thanks"

Rachel and Scott | ACT | March 2016

  • CARES weighs only 500gms. No more lugging around car seats when flying.
  • It includes an instructional safety card and drawstring carry bag.
  • Suitable for kids weighing between 10-20 kilos and up to 102cm tall.
  • CARES is manufactured by AMSAFE, the world’s leading manufacturer of aeroplane seat belts. Their testing shows it to be as safe as a car seat for your child.

Tips for CARES Use
  • We recommend that travellers experiment with the belts and buckles before they fly to practice how to adjust them.
  • Where possible, ask the airline or your travel agent to note on your flight booking that you intend to use the CARES harness.
  • It is worth reviewing your airline's Child Travel or Child Restraint Device policies. You may find that you will quickly be more familiar with this detail than some of the Airline staff you encounter! Niche products and policies are not always top of mind for busy airline staff.

Supporting Information
  • The CARES child aviation harness is the only Aviation Authority approved alternative to a car seat when flying with young children.
  • CARES is certified for all phases of flight - taxiing, take off, in-air turbulence and landing.
  • CARES is certified by many global authorities including the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), and the aviation authorities of the USA (FAA), UK (CAA), Canada, Switzerland, Singapore and Israel. It is welcomed by nearly all the major airlines of Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. 

CARES Harness Installation Document - click to view

CARES Harness Installation Video