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Please contact us for special needs flyers above 20kgs / 102cm tall. A Special CARES catering for larger special needs flyers is available from Little Gulliver.

It will require individual airline approval each time it is to be used and is only to be installed in seats immediately in front of bulk heads (no passenger seated behind the Special CARES user).

For further information, please review our Blog Post Using a standard or special CARES aviation harness in Australia and New Zealand

USA information

source:Kids Fly Safe website Oct 2011

Are you flying with a child who has special needs?

If your child has a disability that requires hauling a brace to provide upper body support in an airplane seat, you know what a hassle it is to make arrangements months in advance with the airline. And you have to do it again before each subsequent trip!

Check with your child’s physician or physical therapist to determine if the CARES child aviation restraint provides sufficient upper body support for your child. If it does - no more having to make arrangement weeks or months in advance with airlines because CARES is already certified for kids 22-44 lbs for all phases of flight.

So, just book your flight, carry your 500 gram CARES on board in your pocket or purse, install it on any seat in one minute. And know that your child is secure for taxiing, take off, turbulence and landing.