Hiring Baby car seats in Sydney

Mary said: 18 September 2010 9:07 PM

Our daughter is flying from England in November with her 7 month old son. She requires a baby safety seat for the day she arrives in Sydney, and the same again when she leaves three weeks later. She has family members at each of her other destinations who can have baby seats fitted in their cars when she arrives, but Sydney is the the problem, because it will be for such a short time. Is it possible to hire one for one or two days at a time? She will be using private transport so doesn’t need to hire a taxi. I realise that that car will have to be fitted out to take a baby seat.  It will difficult enough travelling with a baby without having to carry her own baby seat, as well.

Donna @ Little Gulliver said: 20 September 2010 2:33 PM

Hello Mary,

That sounds great. I’m surmising you’re based in Australia and no doubt you’re a bit excited about seeing your Grandson (and his mum)!

Since you’ve mentioned private transport, hiring a car + seat is out. But, yes, absolutely you can hire just a seat for a day or 2 at a time. (Of course individual places may have a minimum number of days hire, so you may have to pay for some extra unused days). There are a number of businesses that hire baby equipment. You could also hire other things, like port-a-cots, strollers and the like.

I’ve listed a couple below that rent baby equipment in Sydney;



And a couple of Directory’s can be found here;

Kidspot’s Sydney Baby Hire Directory

Bubhub Nursery Eqipment Hire NSW

I’m sorry I can’t personally recommend any in particular, although I have used ‘Hire for Baby’ a couple of times. (It is a franchise business though and I have not used it in the Sydney region).

As your Grandson is around 7 months, the hire company will advise which car seat option will suit him – based on his weight. Baby capsules are most likely out and it will depend on whether he would suit a rear facing car seat or face forward. At his age, rear facing is likely to be the best option. Just check his weight before you make any calls.

Other things to consider when hiring the seat is delivery and installation. Depending on circumstances, they are likely to visit the house with the car and install a day or so before the baby arrives and pick it up the day after he leaves. It will also help if you can tell them the make and model of the car when booking. (I’m not sure why, but I’ve been asked this before)!

Also, with the private car, just make sure it is baby ready. It should already have at least 1 vehicle anchor point (to attach the car seat). Newer cars have these already. Otherwise, you can easily get 1 from a baby store or even a department store. Again, the baby hire organisation you use may be able to help on this.

I absolutely agree that your daughter need not bother about bringing her own seat. Apart from actually having to bother with it, I think they are better off staying in your car – where you know where it’s been. The other thing is legislation. I am uncertain as to whether UK car seats would even be approved for use in Australia and may not be worth the worry.

Here is a couple of recent posts which you may find helpful;



Let me know if there are other things you’re wondering about that I haven’t mentioned. Also, Little Gulliver’s Baby category is here, in case you need any ideas.

Best of luck with the planning and I hope you get lots of cuddles!



Japan with Kids

What a wonderful place to visit! Timing wise I think your kids are at great ages, with your 4 year old able to get around well, while your baby is (probably) still not quite mobile. And travelling despite your tight budget is admirable, as so often we put things off until the ‘right’ time. One of the things I like about Japan too, is that you get to experience such a different culture and only have an eightish hour flight!

Tani said: July 18th 2010 11:21 AM

Hi there

I was just wondering if you know of any blogs books or websites dedicated to travelling Japan with Kids? My husband and I are planning a 10day trip at the start of September with our four year old girl and 6 month old boy.

We are also doing so on a tight budget!

Any tips hints directions would be most appreciated!



Donna @ Little Gulliver said: July 18th 2010 4:39 PM

Hi Tani,

What a wonderful place to visit! Timing wise I think your kids are at great ages, with your 4 year old able to get around well, while your baby is (probably) still not quite mobile. And travelling despite your tight budget is admirable, as so often we put things off until the ‘right’ time. One of the things I like about Japan too, is that you get to experience such a different culture and only have an eightish hour flight!

Here are some websites that may be worth a look;

I’m wondering whether a Japan guide book, such as those from Lonely Planet, Eyewitness guides etc might give you some food for thought (just without the focus on kids). Check your local library, they may be able to reserve some for you and give you an idea of which ones you like before buying. There are also a couple of books specifically based on Japan with kids which would be a good read. They may be a bit difficult to come by locally though.

They are;

  • Japan for Kids: The Ultimate Guide for Parents and Their Children by Diane Wiltshire & Jeanne Huey
  • Kids’ Trips in Tokyo: A Family Guide to One-Day Outings by Ivy Maeda, Kitty Kobe, Cynthia C. Ozeki & Lyn Sato

I think too, pack some disposable containers like Glad ware and some zip lock bags. If you’re staying at a hotel you may be able to grab some fruit, muffins or even toast from the breakfast buffet. This can be a great saviour on day trips and give you some options in a hunger emergency or if you come by a nice park for a play .

Tani, I hope there are some good things here that you may find useful. I’d love to hear how your trip goes and how you find your airline goes with the kids. Now I just have to get the green eyed monster off my back!



Travelling to Australia

Rachel said:  Friday, 18 June 2010 9:02 PM

Im just looking for some information on going to australia with my 3 year old son and partner.We are looking to go for 3 months do you have any information on visas and what way it works with getting one for the child.

Donna @ Travel Toddler said: Sat 19/06/2010 8:32 PM

Hi Rachel,

The 3 month getaway you are planning sounds wonderful!

To start with, there are some general topics on ‘immigration’ and ‘about Australia’ available at the Australian Government website http://australia.gov.au/. Also, when visiting Australia there are a number of different visa options, depending on where you are travelling from. For instance, if you were travelling from the UK, either an ‘evisitor’ or ‘tourist visa’ may apply. Our Immigration Department has a ‘Visa Wizard’ which may help you to see which visa may be relevant to your family. It is located on the Department of Immigration website at http://www.immi.gov.au/visawizard/. Another great resource to help you begin planning your holiday is the official tourism website http://www.australia.com/.

If you have any specific questions let me know, otherwise I hope you’ve found this information useful. Good luck with your travel plans and I hope your trip is a memorable adventure.