• Description

The 2 in 1 iSquidgy is an iPad holder and travel Pillow.

Simply unzip and shake beads into the neck pillow to use like a regular travel pillow for neck support.

25cm W x 20cm H x 13cm D | Colour: Black

Designed to make using your ipad / tablet much more comfortable, whether lying around home, at the kitchen bench or travelling in a car or plane.When done with the electronic entertainment - unzip, turn inside out and shake the beads to enjoy a comfy neck pillow.

Makes a great gift for travellers, kids, grandparents, anyone who is a regular user of a tablet.

Measures approx 27cm diagonally from corner holder to corner holder and is designed for ipad sizing.

For Ages 3+. Made of 85% Nylon, 15% Spandex, Polystyrene Resin