Squidgy Snap-On Travel Pillow - Pink

Annabel Trends
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The "light as air" Squidgy travel pillow suits kids and adults alike.

Filled with tiny Styrofoam beads that drip dry, Squidgy loves water and will cradle your head in complete comfort.

Ages 3+ | Loves water, drip drys | Snap-On Carabiner | Pink

  • The ultimate 'light as air' neck pillow with handy snap-on carabiner - save luggage space!
  • Suits most ages (contains small, lightweight beads that present severe danger to children if swallowed or inhaled)
  • Super comfortable - don't put up with neck stiffness!
  • Fine for use in plane, car, bath, at the beach, by the pool...
  • Easy drip dry
  • Approx 28cm long, 25cm high, 9cm deep
  • Australian designed by Annabel Trends
Snap-On Squidy Travel Pillow - save luggage space and neck stiffness!