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sold out and no longer avail from Aust Importer

Milton mini steriliser is a trusted solution for keeping dummies & soothers clean while out and about.

The watertight dome can provide 24 hrs of cleansing and attach to a stroller/bag.

15 mins to sterilise | adjustable strap | 10 mini sterilising tablets

  • Always ready - soothers are kept sterilised when out and about.
  • 100% watertight dome - no risks of spills and perfect to pop into a baby bag.
  • Adjustable strap - makes for easy attaching to stroller, baby bag, backpack, etc.
  • Sterile for longer - soothers stay sterile in the solution for 24 hours or until needed.
  • Innovative sponges - helps clean baby's soother and absorbs solution to avoid spills.
  • Includes full instructions.
  • Fits the majority of soothers.
  • Made by Milton, trusted since 1916.

How to use the Milton Mini Steriliser
Before leaving home, simply fill the Milton Mini with cold water and add one Milton Mini Sterilising Tablet.

The unique sponges inside the Mini absorb the solution to avoid spills as well as helping remove dirt from the teat.

Add the soother, replace the watertight lid and after only 15 minutes the soother is sterilised and ready to use straight away with no need to rinse.

You can reuse the same solution throughout the day and the adjustable strap means you can attach the Mini to your stroller or change bag so you can make sure you always have a sterilised soother to hand.


What should I sterilise?
Basically everything that can go into a baby's mouth! This includes bottles, teats, soothers, plastic feeding spoons, weaning bowls, teething rings, toys as well as your breastfeeding accessories such as breastpump parts and milk storage containers. See Miltonbaby for more info.