Milton Solo Travel Steriliser

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  • Description

Designed to sterilize a single baby’s bottle using a microwave or Milton cold water method.

Ideal for travel, overnight stays or when you’re away from home.

Sterilises in 2 mins* | fits most bottles | watertight

  • Unique safety vent technology - innovative pop up vent means more heat can be created inside Solo to maximise sterilisation.
  • Ideal for travel, overnight stays and days out.
  • Lay flat lip - prevents rolling over in microwave.
  • Fast and easy - Sterile in 2 mins* using a microwave, 15 mins uing the Milton cold water method (note: requires Milton Anti-bacterial tablets/solution, sold separately).
  • Watertight, 19cm high, 13cm wide.
  • Stays sterile for longer - contents stay sterile for 24hrs in Milton solution or unopened microwaved Solo unit.
  • BPA free
  • Made by Milton, trusted since 1916.

Note: Milton Anti-bacterial Tablets / Solution are only required with Cold Water Sterilisation. The microwaving method only requires water.