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A ChatterMate is no ordinary companion...

It'll repeat what you say in koala voice with a great aussie accent.

Also bops its head up and down with enthusiasm while oozing incredible cuteness!

Ages 3+ | Great Aussie gift | Battery powered | Koala

Switch on this funny little gizmo and watch as the iconic Australian Koala copies everything you say.

He'll repeat what you say in his adorable koala voice, while bobbing up and down to keep your attention.

Watch what you say around your ChatterMate!

Check out the video below to see the ChatterMates in action.

This interactive soft toy is a great kids gadget and a unique Australian souvenir. Children will laugh themselves silly with this clever koala toy

  • Suits all ages - young children from 3+, teenagers, adults.
  • Fantastic Aussie souvenir for visits to overseas friends and family.
  • Fun office play thing or house friend for the kids
  • Uses 3 x aAA batteries.
  • 18cm tall and 8 cm wide (which is perfectly fine for a koala...)