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A beautiful way for children to stay connected and close with loved ones.

The soft, cutely designed nesting hearts from Kimochis are a fun way to ease thoughts when away from family and friends.

Incl Carabiner | Fun activities | Presentation Box

The Kimochis® Nesting Heart is one plush heart nestled inside another.

When family members and friends are separated, each person can keep a heart as a tangible, playful way to stay connected.

Help manage back-to-school jitters, school excursions, parents away on business trips, connecting with long distance relatives and best friends.

The Kimochis Nesting Heart comes with a carabiner and fun activities for creating close family connections.

Follow Your Heart- Clip the heart to your child’s backpack, luggage or belt as a special way to feel close throughout the day.

Pour Your Heart Out- Give the inner heart to a loved one when you have something to confide.

Play Heart and Seek- Hide each other’s hearts in fun or funny places as a reminder that “I love you!”

Create Heartfelt Rituals for Separations- During any kind of separation, you or your child can take the inside of the heart and leave the outside of the heart at home offering a tangible way to remember that “even though we are apart, you are always in my heart.”