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Don't be caught without the essential toiletries again!

Compact, convenient and easy to use, you'll have plenty more room in your bag for your duty-free and souvenirs

30x Shampoo | 30x Conditioner | 30x Handwash | 30x Body Wash

Ultimate Traveller Multi-Pack includes

  • 1x 30 pack of Shampoo - fresh freesia scent
  • 1x 30 pack of Conditioner - fresh freesia scent
  • 1x 30 pack of Body Wash - Luscious apple scent
  • 1x 30 pack of Anti-Bacterial Hand Wash - ocean scent
  • Soap2Go is Australian designed

Why should every traveller keep a Multi-Pack handy?

The pack is a backpacker's best friend, a lifesaver for frequent flyers and a camper's dream come true!

The soap2GO Paper Soap Sheet range is perfect for anyone who wants to travel light and fly right – because they're all suitable to slip into your carry-on luggage.

No more bulky bottles of shampoo or conditioner to leak through your luggage. No more packing slippery wet soap that turns to mush. The Ultimate Traveller Multi Pack takes care of all your personal washing needs in just the amount you need. Compact, convenient and easy to use, you'll have plenty more room in your bag.

Anti-bacterial Hand Soap is hygienic and fragranced with ocean fresh scent. They can even slip into your handbag for everyday use. soap2GO Shampoo comes in fresh freesia scent and can even be used in sea water! soap2GO Hair Conditioner gives your hair a great healthy glow. soap2GO Body Wash will freshen up even the most weary traveller, with a luscious apple scent!

Soap2GO Paper Soap Sheet products make a great bon voyage gift or if you're off on an outback adventure, slip these into your camping gear. Everyday uses include – Take to the Gym, Park, BBQ, for Mum’s, in the car, or just about anywhere water is available...

Soap2GO – sheets ahead for the smart traveller. To use, simply add water to the required number of sheets to produce the amount of cleansing agent you require. Lather well in your hands and rinse...