Scrunch Bucket

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The Scrunch-Bucket is the smartly designed silicone bucket that easily squeezes into luggage and beach bags.

Smart design makes it perfect for travel - scrunch, play, scrunch!

The award-winning Scrunch-bucket is designed to be taken anywhere, to be squashed into small spaces and to be used for many things.

Made of food-grade silicone in a multitude of colours with a matching rope and solid silicone handle.

Easy to store - take it on the road or stow at home

Washable - easy to keep clean

Non-toxic - it can double as a dog bowl or a plant holder

Strong - it's made to last whatever you throw into it

Durable - it'll hold its shape and look good for years

Available in assorted colours

Technical Specs:
16 cms diameter (top)
10 cms diameter (base)
13 cms - bucket
24 cms - bucket and handle
Material - Silicone
Weight - 210 gms
Capacity - 1.5 litres

  • Stable: -40°C to +230°C
  • FDA food safe
  • Unaffected by UV rays
  • Safe with all household products


The silicone is easy to keep clean and for the most part you'll be able to just brush off any dust or sand.

The silicone is resistant to salt water if you're at the beach but it's a good idea to rinse the bucket in fresh water when you get home.