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out of stock and discontinued by Aust Importer

A full sized nappy in every bud! Vacuum -packed to save space and keep them fresh and clean. Ideal for packing and carry on. Contains 7 Size 5 nappies

  • Pack of individually wrapped nappy buds, great for grab and go!
  • Vacuum sealed so they take up less space in your luggage.
  • Blooms into a full size disposable nappy.
  • Extra absorbent & super soft for baby's delicate skin
  • Dermatologist tested for sensitive skin
  • Available in size 2 (for 5-8kg) / size 3 (for 7-13kgs) / size 4 (10-17kgs) / size 5 (12kg+)
  • Winner of Parent Tested Parent Approved award

DiaperBuds are vacuum-packed disposable nappies designed to take up less space in a nappy bag or suitcase.

Absorbency and fit are not compromised in favor of compactness.

The vacuum-sealed packaging also offers a hygienic seal, so your nappies are protected from spills and dirt. Dermatologist tested for sensitive skin.