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Discontinued by Importer - no longer avail.

Tray Kit is the award winning all-in-one children's Play Tray and Backpack.

Ideal for planes, cars, anywhere on the go.

This innovative backpack can strap to a plane or train tray table or hang from the front car seat to provide an extendable play surface with raised sides - no more toys on the floor!

  • Plenty of handy pockets for kids to pack their pens, paper, toys etc
  • Child friendly, lightweight backpack
  • Made of durable fabric and funky design
  • Wipe clean surface.
  • Dimensions approx 28cm high x 35cm wide x 9cm deep
  • Weighing approx 980 grams

Note, toys displayed with Tray Kit are not included.  Check out our Play section for ideas!




play tray in action on a plane traytable TrayKit in a car TrayKit anywhere!



Solvej, inventor of the TrayKit and mum of two.

"Like so many parents, I have spent endless journeys packing and carrying all sorts of on-board "keep them entertained" toys which all end up on the floor having rolled off their tray table or lap!". 

TrayKit® is the all-in-one kid’s carry-on solution – your child packs their TrayKit full of favourite toys and carries it on board. They can then strap their TrayKit to the tray table - or use it anywhere stand alone - and open it up to reveal a perfect play surface with extendable raised sides - no more toys on the floor – Happy Holidays!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I take TrayKit on-board as hand luggage?

A: TrayKit is perfect for hand luggage as it is within BAA hand baggage allowance dimensions. It measures 27cm high x 8cm deep and 34cm across.

Q: How do you attach the TrayKit for use in the back seat of a car?

A: The TrayKit is easily attachable using the included car strap. Thread through the handle of the TrayKit and wind around the headrest of the seat in front. Adjust the length of the strap to allow the TrayKit to rest on the lap of the child.

Q: My child is very young, will they be able to reach the play surface?

A: Yes, the TrayKit has an extendable play surface which even your child can operate: simply undo the Velcro on the sides of the front edge and fold the front edge down, fold out the inside flap over the flattened front edge and open the sides of the lapflap outwards. Attach the Velcro to the attachment points to support the lapflap.

Q: Is it time consuming to attach the TrayKit to a tray table?

A: No, simply undo the Velcro which is under the TrayKit, stretch the elasticated strap around the tray table and attach the two ends of the Velcro together!

Q: Will my child’s TrayKit collapse if the seat in front is reclined?

A: No, the TrayKit comes complete with side supports which will ensure your child’s TrayKit will not close. To use these supports, turn the supports round on the inside raised sides of the tray and rotate each one to attach the Velcro at the end of the support to the matching Velcro pad on the inside of the upright part of the TrayKit.