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Sold out and unavail from Aust importer

The Totseat chair harness safely and comfortably seats your baby in almost any chair.

The ultimate portable, washable, squashable highchair!

Designed in Scotland | Lightweight | Style: Alphabet

Perfect for travel and visiting friends, the Totseat chair harness adapts to securely fit chairs, and babies, of all shapes and sizes.

Suitable for babies capable of sitting unaided (6-8 mths old) up to approx 3 years old.

Safety is the number 1 priority. The Totseat fastens behind the chair, at the level of your child's head. It also comes right up over their tummy making sure they are securely tucked in and comfortable, no matter what size or shape the chair is. If needed, there's the cummerbund for extra back support or for a real wriggler!

Carry bag (18cm x 15cm) | Machine Washable | Manufactured from cotton and polyester