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The fun is strong with this one...

Heaps of Star Wars activities, colouring, quizzes and over 500 stickers

Many hours of fun for small and big kids alike playing in their favorite galaxy far, far away.

64 pgs + stickers | 28cm x 22cm | Ideal Ages 5+

Star Wars: Ultimate Factivity Collection in an amazing interactive book for your child, packed with games and activities.

Learn about all the amazing Star Wars characters from the complete Star Wars saga through loads of fun activities including games, colouring, drawing, puzzles and more.

Write, draw and colour your way through the Star Wars characters, such as the Sith and the Jedi, enjoying activities like designing your own Zabrak.

The book is also bursting with over 500 stickers to use, plus extras for decoration and even more sticker fun. And there's no fuss or mess as your child can do all the activities directly onto the pages, so no need for any extra workbooks.