feet holiday!
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Slip on the Spa Trends Gel Socks and let them work their magic... perfect treat while flying or at home.

Designed to help moisturise feet, reduce and soften cracked heels.

Hypo-Allergenic And Self-Activating Gel | One size fits all | Washable and reusable

Annabel Trends Spa Trends Gel Socks are designed to help moisturise your feet, reduce cracked heels and soften heels to prevent the build up of hard skin.

  • The socks contain self-activating hypo-allergenic gel infused with jojoba oil, olive oil, vitamin E, and lavender oil.
  • These vitamins and oils are known for their hydrating and conditioning properties, deeply penetrating rough skin and locking in moisture.
  • The upper part of the socks are constructed from cotton, polyester and spandex.
  • The Gel Socks are hand washable in cold water, reusable and must be replaced after 40 uses.
  • One Size fits all.
  • Caution: Consult your doctor or podiatrist before wearing Gel socks if you suffer from diabetes or poor circulation. Do not wear Gel socks on open wounds, or broken or abraded skin. Do not wear Gel socks if you have a skin condition such as psoriasis or eczema.
  • Warning: Spa Trend Gel Socks are designed for home wear. Do not wear with shoes.