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1000 fantastic stickers themed for girls.

Brimming with scenes of unicorns, butterflies, princesses, fairies and other fantastic things.

89 Pages | 15cm w x 21cm h | Incl spare book/present stickers

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Girls will adore this fantastic book filled with colourful stickers. There are wonderful background pictures to fill with which ever stickers the reader chooses to create delightful scenes of their own.

Scenes include a ballroom in a castle to fill with dancing princesses, a moonlit forest to fill with unicorns, a stage for a girl band, and a flower garden for with fluttering butterflies.

Extra stickers are included to be used to decorate letters, cards and envelopes

Kids aged 3+ will love to find and place the stickers.

This paper back, pocket-sized book will provide hours of stickering fun!

88 pages of colouring, bright illustrations and brilliant stickers.

Measures 15cm wide x 21cm high x 1cm thick.