Pocket Pals - Scented Anti Bacterial Hand Gel - Rainbow Kiss

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Handy solution for on-the-go cleansing anywhere, anytime! Comes in own silicone bag/pocket hanger and is lightly scented.

30ml | Hand Gel | Kills 99% of most germs | compact | Fragrance: Rainbow Kiss

NEW Pocket Pals -A Funky, Fruity, Child Friendly Hand Gel Range

Have you ever gone to wash your hands in a public restroom only to discover there is no soap? Been out and about with children and in need of a quick hand wash before a meal? How about given a friendly animal a pat or been travelling internationally and not sure what germs are on your hands? How about this one -searching your hand bag for that bottle of hand gel that ALWAYS seems to be hiding?

Problem solved!

Pocket Pals, a new antibacterial hand gel range and the latest creation from Australia's Soap2Go have arrived

They're a variety of funky and delicious fruit-scented hand gels.

Each pocket size 30ml tube features:
  • Its own colour coded silicone bag hanger, making it easy to hang from your handbag, back pack, belt or school bag.
  • No water needed. Drys in seconds.
  • Kills 99% of most germs.
  • Light weight and compact
  • Choose from range of fragrances such as Angel Food, Sweet Pear, Rainbow Kiss and Berry Wink


The scents will have you whipping out your hand gel at every opportunity! Children will love picking their own fresh, fruity scent and will be able to keep track of their own bottle by its colour coded silicone bag hanger. Attach one to your hand bag for quick access and handy every day use.

Pocket Pals are also a great way to teach your children good hygiene habits by simply hanging one from their school bag. Cute & bright, their friends will want one too!

Travellers listen up! Loop it on your belt when off on your adventures so you can keep the germs at bay and reduce the chance of spoiling your holiday in bed with a sore stomach.

Once you pop the top, you can’t stop!