Passport Kit - Africa and Orient

Adventure Passport
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A fun travel and passport kit to help children learn about a world region and store their travel keepsakes.

Ideal for Ages 5-10yrs | Oversize passport | Photos, activities and stickers | Little Suitcase | Region: Africa and Orient

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Discover Jordan, Egypt, India, Madagascar, South Africa & Zambia!

Personalise your own oversized fun passport with photos, stickers & stamps from this wonderful part of the world. Start fun activities and play with the children of the world finger puppets.

Join intrepid travelling twins, Sienna and Preston, on their travels around Africa and the Orient to discover wildlife, places, languages and unique cultures. They promise to share their adventures with you in their penpal letters!

Passport Kit features:
  • 1 x little suitcase
  • 1 x full colour oversized Adventure Passport
  • 1 x Orient and Africa regional map
  • 6 x penpal letters
  • 12 x photos
  • 6 x fun activities
  • 6 x sticker sheets
  • 2 x finger puppets
  • 25cm wide, 18cm high, 8cm deep with metal carry handle

Note for Parents/Carers:
The inside of the luggage case as well as the addressee of the penpal letters can be personalised BEFORE you give it to the children. You can even take out all but the first penpal letter and deliver them one by one into the post box / under a pillow, etc over a period of time. This can really assist in making the experience exciting, authentic and unforgettable! Have fun.