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Car games for all the family in this "Miles of Fun" set.

Includes road bingo, word, action and spotting games.

32 pg games book | 4 Bingo cards| 20cm w x 20cm h

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The travel bingo box set includes everything you need to play travel bingo plus a book of car games to ward off any possibility of boredom on those long car journeys.

There are four bingo cards included; each has a variety of objects to spot with varying difficulty. The first person to spot four in a vertical or horizontal row wins the first round. The person who finds all twelve of their objects first is the overall winner—Bingo!

The car games book includes even more spotting, word, action, and imagination games to keep everyone entertained. There are optional variations to make the games harder or easier depending on your carload.

So, say goodbye to those boring road trips and never hear ‘‘Are we there yet?’’ again!