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Whether backpacking or travelling first class, the best selling Travel Diary has all the info you need... and lots of room to include new experiences

13cm W x 19cm H | Plastic cover jacket | Lists, diary, contact details, etc | Ideal for teens to adults

In addition to being a diary to record travel experiences, TRAVEL DIARY is also an essential reference source.

This new edition has been fully updated so both Australians and New Zealanders can be assured they have the correct address for their embassy in Chile, know April's average temperature and rainfall in both Montreal and Darwin, and have at their fingertips a list of the international dialling codes.

TRAVEL DIARY includes:
  • Sections to record planning notes, itinerary, postcard lists, ATM withdrawals, expenses and gifts that need to be brought home.
  • Plenty of diary pages.
  • Conversion charts for length, weight, temperature and clothing
  • Some basic foreign phrases in seven different languages
  • Travel-related websites, world time zones, maps and travel tips.
TRAVEL DIARY is an absolute must for travellers of all kinds!