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Do-it-yourself, decoratable Earphones for kids!

Fluff up your earphones and create a unique music and gaming accessory.

Ideal for Ages 8+ | Includes Earphones, Fluffy yarn, Charms and Jump rings | Style: Fluffy

White earphones are so boring! Turn yours from plain to cool with Earphone Couture - Fluffy. Use fluffy pink yarn and charms to make earphones that rock as much as your music.

  • Fluff up your earphones with Earphone Couture.
  • Includes 18 metres of fluffy yarn, guitar and peace sign charms, 2 jump rings, pink earbuds, and easy to follow instructions.
  • Earphones compatable with most standard iPhone/iPod/iPad and other MP3 devices.
create a unique, fluffy set of earphones