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Wonderfully versatile roll down bag for organising holiday items, hair essentials, play things, any special items a child may need.

Perfect for home and holidays | 16cm H x 24cm W x 6cm D | Confetti

Untie the ribbon to unroll your bathroom bag and use the handy hook to hang it on the bathroom door or edge of the sink.

The PVC exterior protects against stains and spills. Meanwhile, the interior is made of polyester so it can easily be wiped clean.

At the top of the toiletries bag is a zipped pocket made of clear plastic so you can easily see the contents. You won't have to rummage around blindly trying to find soap or toothpaste!

Useful and compact, it is also includes a small, hand-held mirror.

  • Tie the ribbon to secure the toiletries bag
  • Hook so you can hang it on the bathroom door or edge of the sink
  • PVC exterior to protect from stains and spills
  • Small zipped pocket made of clear plastic
  • Small detachable zipped compartment. Reattach using the velcro squares on the back.
  • Larger zipped pocket that is also detachable
  • Inside is made of polyester for easy clean
  • Large clear pocket for toiletries
  • Small mirror
  • Dimensions: Folded 19cm x 25cm Unrolled: 52cm x 25cm

Perfect for sleepovers, camping and travel