LIGHT it up!

Light up the night with these smart travel accessories.
Night lights and glow sticks to help kids staying over in unfamiliar rooms, find there way around easily at night, and the BOING is the ultimate go anywhere night light!
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LED Night Light

Auto Sensor, long lasting LED light, great for kids staying somewhere unfamiliar.

BOING magic light ball - Swing

BOING magic light ball changes colour with a squeeze of the hand!

Ergonomically designed ribbed rubber and attached to a lanyard.

Kids will love them and great for holiday dark spots like aquariums, museums, fun parks, hotels...

Swivel Night Light

out of stock and currently unavail from Dreambaby

Dreambaby® Swivel Light is a safe way to provide a light for your child’s room, any new hallway or bathroom at night.

BabyZoo Night Light - Green and Yellow

out of stock

Gus the turtle is a cute, cuddly and safe nightlight with automatic shut-off and two brightness settings.

Happy to live in your room, go on a plane, camping, stay-overs or any other fun plans!

Green and Yellow styling | Auto shut-off