POTTY time

All your travel potty needs no matter where you are; in the air, hotel, park, grandma's house...

Potette Plus - Travel Potty and Trainer Seat

The ultimate 2 in 1 Travel Potty.

Comes with its own handy disposable liner and converts from a kids potty to a toilet training seat.
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Potette Plus Reusable Liner

sold out 10 Apr 2020, no longer avail from Aust Importer

The Potette Plus Reusable Liner is a flexible rubber liner that converts a Potette Plus into a standard Potty.
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Potette Plus and TWO 10 Packs Disposable Liners

Save $'s with this Travel Potty Bundle.

Includes 1x Potette Plus Travel Potty PLUS 2x 10 Pack Disposable Liners

Ideal for travel and keeping handy for those 'bursting' moments.
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Potette Plus Liners

Potette Plus Disposable Liner Refills - 10 pack. Holds the contents securely and minimises odour until you can dispose of it.

Cushie Traveller Folding Toilet Seat

The Cushie Traveller is an ideal option to keep your child in routine when travelling.

Folds easily and has its own drawstring carry bag.
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Waterproof Sheet Protector

Keeps sheets dry and comfortable when travelling.

Place over your bedding for a 'just in case' solution. Makes for easy changes for sleepy parents if needed.
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Playette - Wee Guard Seat Saver

Playette’s durable, accident-proof seat saver protects car seats and strollers from messy nappy leaks, spills and stains.

Machine washable | Easy clean | Waterproof | Detachable mesh pockets

Baby U Disposable Change Mats

Disposable change mats take up little space in your change bag.

They're a perfect way to keep baby clean on public change tables, at the beach, airports, park...
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Milton Anti-bacterial Tablets - 30 pack

Milton Anti-bacterial solution is used in hospitals and homes for generations to sterilise surfaces and baby items.

No boiling or steaming, no risk of burns, Clinically proven.

Hospital grade | 15 mins to sterilise | ideal for travel | 24hr sterilisation | 30pk tablets

LED Night Light

Auto Sensor, long lasting LED light, great for kids staying somewhere unfamiliar.
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