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Squeeze'ems reusable kids food pouches are extremely handy, easy to use and clean, recyclable and free from BPA, Phthalate and PVC.

Designed in Australia | 80ml snack size | 10 Pack

Squeeze'ems re-usable pouches have a waterproof ziplock on top which allows for easy filling and washing.

The easy to use spout is designed for children to suck or squeeze out the contents - no need for a bowl or a spoon.

Squeeze'ems come in 80ml snack size and 200ml meal sizes.Squeeze'ems are ideal for travel, school and kinder lunchboxes

Simply mix up your own baby food, yoghurt, smoothie or fruit crusher, pour it in and zip it up.

Squeeze'ems are microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe and are made from PET/NY/PE.

Squeeze'ems encourage healthy eating, reduce waste, cut food costs and are an easy, fun, clean way to feed your children when out and about.


Handy Info
  • Please wash or sterilize your pouches before filling them.
  • Caution: Ensure young children are supervised when using this product as it contains small parts (the lid/cap) which children could swallow or choke on.
  • Squeeze'ems are safe to use in the freezer, dishwasher and microwave.
  • Fill-to line is at the top of the spout.
  • Make sure not to overfill the pouches when freezing as the contents will expand which may cause the seal to burst open.
  • To wash: If food is still stuck in it, rinse it under running water or use a bottle brush with warm soapy water. Open the Squeeze'em up and place the pouch over two prongs in the dishwasher.
  • When microwaving: please unscrew the lid/cap to allow air to escape the pouch. If the contents level is higher than the level of the spout, open the zip-lock instead. Please check the temperature before serving. Place the pouch on it's side with the spout facing upward, when opening the lid, to prevent the contents from spilling out.
  • Freezing tip - Add extra liquid to compensate for some thickening when cooling and freezing.

How to fill
  • Open the Squeeze'em at the ziplock and pull the bottom gusset/fold open.
  • Fill your Squeeze'em half way. Either tap it on the bench or squeeze the mixture down to the bottom so the gusset/fold opens to it's full capacity.
  • Ensure the lid is tightly fastened (screw it on until it clicks and fill it up so the contents are about level with the top of the spout.
  • Fasten the ziplock and you're ready to go!

Tips from Squeeze'ems fans
Source: squeezeems.com website Feb 2013
  • From Missy - Easy way to fill Squeeze'ems, sauce bottle! Today they have vanilla yoghurt :) No mess!
  • From Josie - Use a cupcake/pancake batter pourer I found in 'House' in Noosa Civic...so easy to fill Squeeze'ems with :)
  • From Sarah - When filling a lot of them I have been using a piping bag!! Makes it way easy and hardly any mess!
  • From Sheree - I purée fruit in a Pyrex measuring jug (with a "pour lip") and pour it in...slowly!
  • From Jessica - I have been using a zip lock bag then cutting a corner off and piping it in
  • From Jacqueline - I use a funnel. It works a treat!!
  • From Kendell - Cake decorating cylinder...
  • From Vanessa - I fill mine using a large syringe and just syringe it in... easy!
  • From Sarah T - Oh and for a really no mess idea! just under-fill your Quibees freezer trays a little and two cubes fit into a Squeeze'ems nicely!

Are Squeeze'ems BPA Free? Definitely!

Squeeze'ems are BPA, Phthalate and PVC free.

They are made from PET/NY/PE.

Each pouch has a zip-lock and a spout and is microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe.