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Dive into a wonderful, limitless world of made-up stories!

Fun story telling card game in a neat little metal box. A great alternative to hauling children bedtime books while travelling.

Ideal for pre-prep to early primary school.

This simple, bright and fun card set develops children's early literacy by allowing them to explore and expand language skills.

Ideal for before they start school and beyond.

While parents and kids are having fun making up stories using the picture cards, your child will learn
  • Oral language and problem solving skills
  • Story structures (beginning, middle and end)
  • How to tell a creative, impromptu story
  • To extend their vocab and memory skills
  • AND that stories come from within

Parents benefits are:
  • A great alternative to a bedtime story
  • Perfect for long car and plane trips
  • A nice way to ignite your own creativity!

Source: www.thatsmystory.com.au


There are endless combinations to the game! Simplify or make more complex depending on the age of your child, and the number of players

Younger children (3-4) may initially prefer a parent to model storytelling, but allow them to embrace their creativity by choosing the cards they like. You can then encourage them to create simple stories, using only one or two cards.

Older children (5+) can use a more structured storytelling process (see below).


Play in Pairs Recommended Age: 4/5+

One player tells the story, and the other listens. Start with a Red Character card and a Green Setting card for the story beginning. Then use a Yellow Wild card to introduce a complication or twist in the story (middle). Use the Blue Story Closer card to prompt an ending, and finally the storyteller holds up the Harlequin card and says, “That’s My Story!”

Play in a Group Recommended Age: 4/5+

Players take turns to co-create the story.

Memory Recommended Age: 4+

As each player adds their own part of the story, they first have to retell what’s been said by the other players.

Random Play Recommended Age: 3+

Pull a random card from the pack and ask another player to create a story just from that one card!

Who’s who and what do they do? Recommended Age: 3+

Show one Red card at a time to the player and ask the following prompt questions:

  • “Who is this?”
  • “What do they do?”
  • “What colour are their clothes?”

Where’s the word? Recommended Age: 3+

Choose 5 cards at a time. Show the player the one image and ask them what they see. Turn the card over and read them the word, asking them to repeat the word and spell the letters. Continue for the other cards. Then, place all cards face down and ask the player to find one of the words.

Matching Recommended 2+

For this game, you’ll need two packs. Choose 10 cards from one pack and place down with images facing up. Choose the same 10 cards from the other pack and place in a pile. The player has to place the matching picture on the correct card.