Can you travel on a bus with a 20 month old?

Lynn said: November 3rd 2010 3:10 PM

hello i am looking to catch a train and a bus with my 20 month old daughter and i am wondering if that is allowed or if there has to be some form of childcare restraint?

Donna @ Little Gulliver said: November 3rd 2010 8:22 PM

Hi Lynn,

That’s a really good question! It can be confusing, with the rigorous child restraint laws for cars and the lack of for trains, buses, planes and taxi’s…that being said though, yes it is allowed in Australia, sort of!


caboose-476382__180Trains – I have not heard of trains having any restraints to date. There is no legal requirement that I know of. From a mums point of view, it is a lot of fun. My kids love it whenever we travel by train. My son was around that age when I first took him on a train, we had a window seat and I can still remember those wide eyes. He loved it!

Depending on how stable the train is travelling, you may feel more comfortable with her on your lap, or at least with an arm around beside you. I would also set your rules such as “we need to sit down on the train”. If you have a stroller with you, you may like to leave her strapped in it, if you are able to stand or crouch nearby (especially if she’s asleep)!

Strollers and trains – I should also mention the obvious things about strollers and train platforms, after the recent incidents…many platforms run downwards towards the tracks. If your stroller doesn’t have a wrist strap, grab one – they are a bit of peace of mind whenever you step out (trains or not).

Buses – These can be a little complicated and can depend on the size of the bus etc. Generally though, the law is that if a seatbelt is fitted the child (and yourself) should be seated using it. If the bus is under 12 seats an approved child restraint or booster seat should be fitted.

Sounds like you’ve got some fun outings ahead, take a camera!



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