Cuddle Covers - Kit the Cat

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out of stock and discontinued

Bring a pillow to life with your very own Cuddle Cover!

Kit the Cat loves nothing better than a good snuggle - simply Fluff, Stuff, Zip and...cuddle.

Machine washable | 51cm x 71cm | Ages 3+

Cuddle Covers are larger than most other plush pillow animals and are a great cuddly friend for any child.

Perfectly suited for lounging around, sitting on the floor and the end of the bed and a great travel companion.
There's a Cuddle Cover for everyone!
"The purrfect cat! Kit has the best manners out of all the Cuddle Covers and is always teaching the other Cuddle Covers how to not be animals!"

Cuddle Covers features:
  • Fits any standard sized pillow (pillow not included)
  • Larger than most other plush pillow animals!
  • Made from 100% safe and hypoallergenic microfiber polyester material
  • Combo travel pillow and soft, cuddly animal friend
  • Great for when kids play on the floor, in the living room, on the bed, in the car...
  • Machine washable
  • Pillow case dimensions 51cm x 71cm
  • Weighs 400gms
  • Recommended for Age 3+

Check out a video from the US based creators to see Cuddle Covers in action!