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Moshi Bluetooth Bassburger plus Mic - Wireless Pocket Speaker

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The amazing Bassburger Bluetooth Pocket Speaker allows you to play music and make or receive voice calls wirelessly from most Bluetooth mobile phones and other media devices

LARGE sound, palm-sized, easy to set up & play!

The BassBurger patented "Vacuum Bass Design" delivers a rich dynamic sound, simply twist & expand to pop-up the bass chamber and pump-out the bass.

The rechargeable lithium-ion battery won't drain player power making it ideal to use with any Bluetooth enabled phone, PC or media device.

Non Bluetooth players may be connected via a 3.5mm audio cable.

Auto reconnect to the last paired device for access to playback functions using the BassBurger control dial.

Ideal for holidays, on the desk at work, keeping in the car, wherever you need portable sound!

  • Tough, durable materials
  • Lightweight, fits in palm of your hand
  • Creates sound way beyond its tiny size
  • Produces bass like no other portable speaker
  • Clip on your bag, put in your pocket

Fun Facts:
Moshi is renowned for its inventive quality products that expand existing markets and break new ground.

The Moshi range of headphones, speakers and accessories is evolving the way we listen to music. From our original Volume Limited Kids headphone range to Australia’s #1 selling amazing pocket speaker the BassBurger, Moshi is synonymous with quality audio accessories.
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