BenBat Seat Belt Pals - Fairy

BenBat Seat Belt Pals provide further comfort when travelling with harness devices such as CARES, prams, strollers and car seats

Ages 1-4 | Velcro attachment | Reversible | Toy pocket | Style: Fairy
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Harness Strap Covers

Soft, plush fabric that provides extra comfort for your child while using a CARES harness / car / stroller harness.

Also helps keep your harness clean | machine washable | Reversible design in charcoal colour
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Harness Strap Pals - Butterfly

Plush strap cushion and a soft, cuddly Butterfly travel friend.

Great for use with a CARES harness / car / stroller.
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BOING magic light ball - Swing

BOING magic light ball changes colour with a squeeze of the hand!

Ergonomically designed ribbed rubber and attached to a lanyard.

Kids will love them and great for holiday dark spots like aquariums, museums, fun parks, hotels...
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