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Clip On LED Booklight

The Clip-On LED Book Light goes anywhere and clips to almost anything.

The Flexible neck aims the super bright LED wherever needed

Ideal for plane, hotel, couch... | Includes 2 batteries | Age 3+
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Baby's very first buggy book - Holiday

Great clip-on travel book for bub's first trip!
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Usborne - very first words on holiday

A charming, colourfully illustrated picture wordbook of going on holiday.

Ideal for teaching babies and young children their first holiday-related words.

12 pages | hard cover and card pages | 15cm W x 18cm H | Age 0+
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That's not my reindeer...

...its body is too furry.

From the award-winning series, a bright board book themed for Christmas and aimed at very young children.
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That's not my angel...

...her dress is too smooth!

An award-winning, delightful board book aimed at very young children.
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That's not my plane...

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...its wings are too bumpy!

An award-winning, delightful board book aimed at very young children.

Press Here

That's right. Just press the yellow dot...and turn the page.

This irresistible picture book is ideal for sharing with children and has created a sensation worldwide.
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Collins - My First World Atlas

My First Atlas is an illustrated pictorial atlas taking children on a journey of discovery around the countries of the World.

Ages 5+ | 27cm x 22cm | Paperback
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I'm Ready... to Explore My World

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Brightly illustrated, this is a lovely introduction to twenty different countries and cultures around the world, specifically written for young children.

Famous landmarks, clothing, national dishes, home and school life, climate, customs, language, etc.

48 pgs | Ages 3+ | 24cm x 30cm

Mouseton Abbey

It's Cheesemas at Mouseton Abbey, but this year there's a problem... the Great Big Cheesy Diamond is missing!

Charming story for Ages 3-7yrs | Hand Knitted Characters | Stunning Illustrations
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Dot to Dot...

A fun, flip-over picture book with a two-in-one plot about a little girl and her grandmother trying to reach each other from opposite sides of the Atlantic!

Read from front or back for the two stories.
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My Ballet Story

Lulu is going to her very first ballet lesson and would like you to join her... includes a gorgeous hair band for ballet and dress ups.

Hardback with padded cover | 18 colourful pages
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Theatre Book - Princess and the Pea

A handsome prince, a stormy night... enjoy the classic fairytale with your very own Princess and the Pea stage, backdrops and play figures!

Ages 3+ | Press-out figures | 5 background props | 30cm w x 24cm h | Storybook
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