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Lots of fun to be had with our range of kids travel activities and games.

Usborne Activity Pad - Pirates

Doodling, paper folding, mazes, puzzles, join the dots... it's all here me hearties!

Ideal for Ages 6+ | 19cm H x 15cm W | 184 activity pages | Theme: Pirates
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Little Childrens Travel Activity Book

sold out

Smartly written and brightly illustrated Child Travel Activity book by Usborne

Perfectly suited to travel and rainy day at home fun!

Drawing | Mazes | Puzzles | Stickers | 64 pgs

Build Your Own - Sticker Book - Planes

The perfect sticker and activity book for a child fascinated by planes and other flying machines!

From seaplanes to combat jets, build 20 fantastic flying scenes.

24.5cm x 30.5cm | Usborne quality | 24 pages | Ages 5+
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Usborne - Animals Sticker Book

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Children will love bringing the Apple Tree Farm to life!

Over 100 stickers of their favourite Farmyard Tales animals, including Curly the pig, Woolly the sheep and Daisy the cow.

Age 3+ | Usborne quality | 25cm H x 21cm W | 16 pages, 100+ stickers

1001 Knights & Castle Things To Spot - Sticker Book

Join Will the squire on his quest to become a knight, with 1001 things to find and count along the way

Age 5+ | Usborne quality | 25cm H x 21cm W | 32 pages, 230+ stickers | Castles, village fair, feasts, knights...
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1001 Things To Spot On Holiday - Sticker Book

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Join Alex on her trip around the world, with 1001 things to spot and count along the way.

Age 5+ | Usborne quality | 25cm H x 21cm W | 32 pages, 220+ stickers | Plane, camping, beach safari, carnival...

Sticker and Colouring Book - Pirates

Set sail on the high seas and have wonderful pirate adventures!

Usborne quality | 27cm H x 21cm W | 32 pages, 300+ stickers | Treasure, sea life, ships, pirates...
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Sticker and Colouring Book - 1.2.3...

Little children can have fun colouring in the pictures and adding number stickers... fun way to play with 1 2 3's.

Usborne quality | 27cm H x 21cm W | 32 pages, 200+ stickers | Birds, planes, rockets, fish, rabbits, planets, monkeys!
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Eeboo Activity Book - Fairytale

Solve the puzzles and paint the town red as you visit Humpty Dumpty, Prince, Witch, Fox, Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and more!

Age 5+ | 21cm W x 28cm H | 31 pages | Mazes, letter jumbles, find objects, crosswords...
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Eeboo Activity Book - Busy Garden

Plant some flowers, pick some apples, gather some acorns. Then visit Frog at the pond, take a dance with Rabbit or lie back and watch the clouds roll by. A very Busy Garden indeed!

Age 5+ | 21cm W x 28cm H | 31 pages | Mazes, letter jumbles, find objects, crosswords...
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Sticker Book - Dressing Pirates

A swashbuckling sticker book with over 150 stickers to dress the fearsome Buccaneers, Pirate Queens, Chinese Pirates, Corsairs and their many foes!

Use the stickers to dress these salty sea-dogs for action.
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hours of fun

Disney Picture Puzzles - Mickey Mouse & Friends

Unscramble the stickers to complete the Mickey Mouse & Friends pictures.

Hours of activity for young and old(er) as you locate and stick down the numbered puzzle pics.

8 puzzles | Heaps of numbered stickers | Ages 3+
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Travel Journal - Australian Geographic

Quality travel journal developed by Aust Geographic. A great way to manage and remember a fantastic travel experience.

13cm W x 20cm H x1.5cm D | Trip Planning, Journal, Atlas, Exp list, mementos pocket | Suggested for Ages 6+ to Adults
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Aust. Made

TWK Travel Journal

The Australian designed and printed Travel Journal packed with premium features.

The ideal way to capture wonderful family travel memories and encourage kids to write, draw and record fun activities.

92 A4 size pages | Plastic dust cover | Activities | Checklist
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Kids Travel Journal (Mudpuppy)

out of stock, currently unavail from Aust Supplier

Take a Kids' Travel Journal on your next trip and create a fantastic travel souvenir.

Friends list, daily diary, Best and Worst Ever section, cool quotes and more.

15cm W x 20cm H spiral bound cover | Trip Planner, Diary and Activity book all-in-one | Suggested for Ages 5+ to Teens

My Travel Journal (Mudpuppy)

out of stock

Colourful travel journal providing plenty of pre, during and post trip activities for young and old(er) travellers alike.

16cm W x 20cm H spiral bound cover | Trip Planner, Diary and Activity book all-in-one | Suggested for Ages 5+ to Teens

Alex - My Sweet Diary

A versatile, hardcover child travel and home diary. Kit INCLUDES bonus delicious stickers, sparkly gems, ribbons and heart lock!

Ages 6+ | 23x23x5cm | 104+ stickers | 48 page Diary with lock
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memories kit!

Tray Kit Travel Journal - Blue Stripes

This fantastic Travel Journal from the makers of TrayKit includes 40 stickers, 6 coloured pencils, a rubber, pencil sharpener and ink stamp PLUS a fold-out world map!
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family keepsake

Lonely Planet Kids - My Travel Journal

sold out - back soon

Scribble, draw and decorate this Kids Travel Journal from Lonely Planet.

Packed with lists to complete, scenes to sketch, notes section and wrapped in a quality hardcover - the perfect trip keepsake.

Ideal Ages 5-12 | 72 pgs | 21cm x 16cm

Focus Binoculars - with UV coated lenses

Sturdy UV Coated Binoculars are small enough to tuck into your bag for travel, sports games, camping, anywhere you need a better close-up view.

Compact 11x11x4cm | Carry case with belt loop & cleaning cloth | 5x magnification
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travel size

Magnetic Snakes and Ladders Travel Game

out of stock-unavail from Supplier

Be the first to arrive at the final space on top of the board, avoiding snakes along the way! Compact, fun and a classic board game.

Packaged in a slimline tin travel case by The Purple Cow.

For Ages 3+ | Magnetic pieces, die and carry case
travel size

Magnetic Bingo Travel Game

out of stock-unavail from Supplier

The classic Bingo board game with brightly illustrated magnetic pieces and play boards.

Packaged in a slimline tin travel case by The Purple Cow.

Ideal travel fun for Ages 3 - 99 years.
all in one

Eeboo - Travel Bingo Car Game

The Bingo sheets feature common sights to search for while on the road: petrol station, restaurant, smokestack, water tower, bird on a wire, flag, traffic signal

Ages 5+ | Incl storage case, 4 pencils and 4 pads of Bingo Sheets
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50 Things To Do On A Plane

out of stock-unavail from Supplier

This pack of Usborne activity cards will help time fly on any journey!

Draw, wipe clean and use again, with a special focus on plane activities.

50 Things To Do On Holiday

Colourful box of 50 cards each showing a fun activity or game to keep children entertained on holiday.
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Sophie and Friends - a touch and feel book

A colourful touch and feel book is the perfect way to meet the famous Sophie the Giraffe and her five special friends

Includes soft, shiny and bumpy textures to delight a young reader.

Board Book | 0-5 yrs | 12pgs, 17x18cm
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I'm Ready... to Explore My World

Brightly illustrated, this is a lovely introduction to twenty different countries and cultures around the world, specifically written for young children.

Famous landmarks, clothing, national dishes, home and school life, climate, customs, language, etc.

48 pgs | Ages 3+ | 24cm x 30cm
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Collins - My First World Atlas

My First Atlas is an illustrated pictorial atlas taking children on a journey of discovery around the countries of the World.

Ages 5+ | 27cm x 22cm | Paperback
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