‘Piggy Back Rider’ gets a thumbs up

Since we introduced this product back in March, it has become one of our most popular items. Why, I wondered? Its funny looking and would anyone ever really want to cart their child around like that? Yep, the answer is YES! As soon as the Piggy Back Rider arrived in store, we tried it out for ourselves. […]

Kimochi’s LOVE to travel. But why?

If you’ve never heard of a Kimochi or are certainly not sure how to even pronounce their name (Kim-och-chi) you’re not alone! Over the past few years, however, our family have become familiar with the Kimochi characters. Its so easy to share our feelings by describing a character and what they would do or how they would […]

Lets Go Walking – Walking Harnesses Explained

Its easy to look at a toddler walking harness and shrug and think “I would never use one”! Times have changed and so, thankfully, have walking harnesses. When we started our business, we found baby and toddler walking harnesses were one of the first products people were asking for. For that reason, we have grown to now have one of […]